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Our Favourite Viral Stories Of 2023!

Our Favourite Viral Stories Of 2023!

From happy to controversial, we’ve seen a lot this year.

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Throughout the year, we’ve seen plenty of news stories and a significant part of news these days are things that go viral.

Here are our favourite viral stories of 2023. What’s yours?

Charles & Keith Viral Girl Zoe

A teenager from Singapore, Zoe Gabriel went viral on Tik Tok for her video on Charles & Keith unboxing.

She then had to endure cyberbullying which led to her meeting the people behind the brand.

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Abang Sado

The story of a man who hit a woman’s head out of anger in a road rage incident that took place in Cameron Highlands was the talk of the town for some time.

The story began when the 29-year-old man exited his Proton Persona and knocked on the female driver’s window.

He claimed that she was “playing with people’s lives” by driving recklessly. He struck her head angrily in response and later ended up arrested.

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Grab As Alarm Clock

Many people have used Grab services for a ride and also to order food. However, a customer went viral for using Grab as an alarm clock to wake her husband up because the kids had Sunday school.

And surprisingly, the Grab rider fulfilled her weird request and made sure that her husband was awake that morning to bring the kids to Sunday school.

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Python Or Anaconda

There have been many instances where people might have heard or seen a snake in their neighbourhood.

However, residents in Elmina, Sungai Buloh, were concerned after a video showed a large anaconda-like snake slithering on a hill.

A resident debunked claims that the snake was as big as shown in the video, stating it was an ordinary reticulated python.

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Kids Say The Darndest Things

The way kids think and see the world may surprise us sometimes. Such an incident took place on an LRT train, where a video of a little girl reading the signs on the LRT window was shared by her father on Twitter.

The little girl was reading the sign of things prohibited on board. She said: “No water, no sampah, no durian, no cats and dogs, no ELEPHANTS and no fire.”

Elephants? It was the symbol for “no indecent behaviour” which to her young and innocent mind looked like an elephant. Rapid KL even responded saying that she was right—no elephants on the train.

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Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

We may have heard this phrase many times, but here is an incident that proves the phrase is true.

Khairul Aming, a popular food content creator and owner of Sambal Nyet, shared a video of a hiking trip where his group was accompanied by a dog named Pali and some friends.

Khairul gave some of the dogs amusing names, such as Ashu, Along, and Sasha, to make the journey more enjoyable.

He made sandwiches with scrambled eggs for the dogs, which they enjoyed. Many of his fans applauded the kindness that he showed towards the dogs.

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It Is A Pen

The vape or pen debate raged on for quite a bit on social media with regard to a photo of Tanah Merah Member of Parliament Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz in the Dewan Rakyat.

He was said to be vaping in the photo but he insisted he was holding a pen, stressing that everyone knows that he is not a smoker.

Long story short, the photographer who took the photo apologised for insinuating the MP had been vaping in Parliament.

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Cat Covered In White Paint

This incident broke many hearts and made a lot of people angry. A few pictures and a video of a cat covered in white paint from head to tail were shared on Twitter by @izzat_bashir.

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IIUM Graduate Attracts Big Brands

A graduation video of an International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) graduate, Fahd, went viral after being posted on his TikTok account, @dahfvader.

The video showed him walking out of the convocation ceremony and smiling while holding his diploma.

Fahd, a fashion model, attracted the social media admins of several big corporations and brands, including Llaollao, Rapid KL, the National Higher Education Fund, Bata Malaysia, Indah Water Konsortium, and FamilyMart.

Llaollao was possibly the first, offering themselves to Fahd using the standard online introduction opening: “Llaollao, 24, pandai buat yogurt.”

The brand later followed through with a “date” and Fahd enjoyed frozen yogurt with them.

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Officer Cat

This is the story of how a video on a local news channel went viral because of a cat. Yes, because of a cat, and that is because the cat was spotted wearing a K9 Unit vest.

This incident took place at the Idaman Apartments in Damansara, Damai.

From the video, many started questioning if there were actually cats involved in the K9 unit.

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