About Us

The Rakyat Post (TRP) is a digital media company dedicated to authentic storytelling that seeks to Inspire, Celebrate, and Elevate Malaysians. Curious and unconventional, we don’t just go behind the scenes to discover the story behind the story, but present a unique perspective to readers by presenting it through different lenses.

We cover everything and anything that matters to the average Malaysian – from pop culture to history, technology to travel trends, and government policy to new makan places. All our content is created with honesty and respect, then presented in an entertaining manner to engage with the social media generation.

So – what’s your story today?

Our Team


Hamzah Nazari


Kirat Kaur

She puts the pun in Punjabi. With a background in healthcare, lifestyle writing and memes, this lady's articles walk a fine line between pun-dai and pun-ishing.

Anne Dorall

Anne is an advocate of sustainable living and the circular economy, and has managed to mum-nag the team into using reusable containers to tapau food. She is also a proud parent of 4 cats and 1 rabbit.

Tasneem Nazari

Starving forensic investigator turned writer cause she couldn’t find a job. Used to search for killers now searches for killer stories.

Akmal Hakim

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Akmal returns to the newly improved TRP to uncover cold truths and walk the fine line between deep and dumb.

Azliyana Azlee

Former software engineer who got tired of programming and now intends to reprogram your minds through writing. Writer by day, pop punk rocker by night.

Hakim Hassan

Unkempt in both stories and appearance, Hakim loves tech but tech left him on read, previously he used to write about tall buildings and unoccupied spaces that he can’t afford, and legend has it that he still can’t afford it to this day