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Perodua Bezza Surpasses Myvi In Sales, But Some Argue “King Of The Road” Title Not Based On Popularity

Perodua Bezza Surpasses Myvi In Sales, But Some Argue “King Of The Road” Title Not Based On Popularity

The reason Myvi was given the title King is not only based on sales and popularity.

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Recently, the title “King of the Road” was said to have been snatched from Perodua Myvi by Perodua Bezza as the sales number for Perodua Bezza increased compared to the Myvi.

According to Bernama, Myvi’s five-year reign as Malaysia’s most popular car came to an end in 2023 when the Bezza took the top place.

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) released data showing that 56,735 Bezza cars were registered in 2023, surpassing the 45,014 Myvi cars registered in the same year.

King Of The Road

However, some argue that Myvi was not given the title “King” just because of its sales record and the car’s popularity among buyers.

It was given the title because, for many years, Myvi made headlines and became viral for the strangest reasons.

Here are 5 incidents that happened involving Myvi that shocked, confused and amazed many people.

Lowered Myvi

Recently a TikTok video went viral of a Myvi being driven so fast that sparks were coming from the bottom of the car.

It is understood that the spark was produced because the modified undercarriage was “lowered” and rubbed against the road.

The user (@mdnshrl), expressed his relief in the video not to drive behind the Myvi because he was worried that the sparks would affect his vehicle.


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Myvi Hit And Run

A grey Myvi was involved in a recent hit and run where it rear-ended a black Toyota Voxy MPV on the Elite Highway.

The incident, which was posted on TikTok by user Munirah (@msmunirah), showed the grey Myvi hitting the black Voxy in the far right lane from behind as it was unable to stop in time.

The black Voxy’s back seemed to have been left crumpled, but the Myvi didn’t seem to have sustained any damages.


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Myvi Tows Heavy Lorry

Two years ago, a Myvi was seen towing a huge ShacMan73 Type-SSS truck with ease at night along the highway.

The incident was shared by TikTok user @labus27.

The video has garnered almost 160,000 views. The fact that the Myvi pulled a bigger vehicle without any problems or resistance shocked netizens.
A few of the netizens made jokes about how the Myvi will eventually force towing agencies out of business.

Flying Myvi

This is yet another accident involving a Myvi that happened in Johor Bahru, Johor on 22 March 2021 causing a 27-year-old driver to be injured.

The victim lost control of the vehicle as it was entering a roundabout, went completely off the road, and then “flew” into a tree some 50 meters away, according to Iskandar Puteri police.

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Myvi Cured Homesickness

Cooking Malaysian food or exchanging local snacks is a common source of comfort for Malaysian students studying overseas.
However, some felt the comfort of home when they spotted a Myvi in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Through a Facebook post, Mahziah Ramly shared a photo of her son and friends posing excitedly in front of the iconic car.

Mahziah stated that her son was thrilled to see the Myvi during his night out with his friends because he missed driving his blue Myvi back home.

These incidents are a few from the many that have shown and proved why Myvi was given the title “King of The Road”.

Do you think it is rightful for the title to be given to Bezza?

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