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Special Needs Child Amuses Abang Bomba When He Treats Rescue Ops Like Playtime

Special Needs Child Amuses Abang Bomba When He Treats Rescue Ops Like Playtime

The five-year-old special needs child clung to the steel wire every time the Abang Bomba tried to unlock the door from outside.

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Locking ourselves out of our cars is one of the most frustrating things that could happen to us, especially if we’re in a hurry.

It could happen to anyone who still locks and unlocks their cars manually. It could also happen to you if someone in your car purposely locks you out of your car, with your keys inside. Especially if it’s your cheeky little child. Being a parent is not always easy, is it?

The exact situation happened to a TikTok user (@fikri_hafiz02) named Fikri, in Kedah recently, who initially left his 5-year-old child in a car for a moment just to stop by a place to pick something up. He left his car on and doors unlocked with his car keys, and left his son with a phone to distract him for a moment.

But as he was heading back to the car, he realised his son went to the driver’s seat and accidentally locked himself in the car. As his son was a child with special needs, he didn’t understand what his father was saying and didn’t know how to unlock the car. After all his efforts were futile, he ended up calling the firefighters to rescue his son.

(Credit: @fikri_hafiz02 / TikTok)

The Abang-abang Bomba were perplexed…

The firefighters brought along several tools like a Slim Jim and a steel wire to unlock the driver’s door. So they tried inserting the steel wire slowly via the window to reach the control lock switch.

Everything was going well until Fikri’s son noticed the shiny long wire beside him. Well, maybe it’s playtime!

He grabbed the steel wire and pulled it left and right with an amused face. The abang-bang bomba told him to let go of the wire but he just stood there confused at the whole thing. When they tried to reach the button again, he again reached for the wire and played with it.

“Maybe they’re fishing?”

The rescue mission was turning out to be an amusing mission for him who didn’t understand what was going on.

Thankfully, Fikri said everything went well and the firefighters managed to unlock the door despite his son playing with their tools. He thanked them for their willingness to deal with his special needs son.

Although he was panicking inside during the ordeal, Fikri also said he didn’t know if to cry or laugh watching his innocent son playing around with the firefighters. It became quite a hilarious sight to see.

@fikri_hafiz02 misi menyelamat ..terima kasih kepada pihak bomba telah membantu anak istimewa saya ..anak tertekan lock dri dalam…dah mcm2 coba untuk buka tpi xberjaya ..terpaksa panggil bomba…time ni juga semua pakat panik tapi dalam masa yg sama nk gelak ka nk menangis 😂😂 #fyp #bomba #misipenyelamatan ♬ Ini Parah Ni – A Kiil Mustafa

Netizens felt too guilty to laugh

A lot of people expressed their views in his TikTok comment section.

Some of them think that the situation was cute and comical. Most of them said Fikri’s son must’ve imagined that the firefighters were playing a game with him.

One even suggested an unconventional way to fish him out of the car, which was to bring a tasty-looking bait!

Others understood Fikri’s ordeal and told him that a special needs child is definitely a challenge to raise. But they all gave their support and best wishes to him.

In fact, a lot of people even shared their own experiences with their own children locking themselves in. Some gave tips such as having a spare key with you at all times or having a digital car key for those cars that have the feature.

Someone even suggested breaking the windows if it’s really an emergency.

Reminders for parents

Raising a kid is not easy. It teaches you to be alert and hypervigilant at all times. But sometimes, parents can be too tired or distracted when there’s too much going on.

Here are a few things for parents to note before you leave your car:

  1. Make sure to take your kids with you even for a short stop at the supermarket.
  2. Have your child sit in the car seat at all times.
  3. If you have to leave them for a second, make sure to open the window a bit and carry a spare key with you every time.
  4. Never leave your car keys within arm’s reach of your child.
  5. Always check your back seat each time you leave your car. (Leave your wallet or belongings in the backseat with your child so you don’t accidentally leave your child behind)
  6. Have your local locksmith number programmed in your phone.
  7. Call the authorities if other options fail you.

It’s hard to forgive yourself later when your carelessness could cost you a life.

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