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Child Left Alone in Locked Car, Found Pale and Sweating After 40 Minutes

Child Left Alone in Locked Car, Found Pale and Sweating After 40 Minutes

A viral video making rounds on social media shows a child left alone in a locked car.

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A video posted on social media has caught attention, showing a concerning incident where a child was left alone in a locked Perodua Viva.

The car was locked without the engine or air conditioning on, and the window just slightly open. The child’s distress prompted a passerby to step in.

Child’s Condition After Being Rescued from Locked Car

The video, shared on Twitter (@arifjat), revealed a child dressed in long sleeves, looking pale and sweaty inside the car.

After around 40 minutes, a man noticed the child’s situation and claimed the child’s parents were absent.

Alarmed by the situation, the man sought help from others to get the child out of the car.

With help, the man broke the window of the Perodua Viva car, rescued the child, and took them to a nearby clinic.

The man explained, “After nearly 40 minutes, and no sign of the parents, I asked the public for help. The child is safe now. We broke the window and took them to the clinic.”

Once at the clinic, the man left the child with the clinic staff and resumed his activities, waiting for the child’s parents to arrive.

Regarding the parents’ reaction, the man clarified that he couldn’t meet them due to work commitments after the successful rescue.

Online Outrage as Child Left Unattended in Locked Car

The video caused online criticism towards the child’s parents for leaving them alone in the locked car.

Online comments expressed concern about the child’s exposure to heat, considering the car’s position under the sun.

The public praised the man for his quick action in rescuing the child.

Also, they urged the person who posted the video to report the incident to the police due to parental negligence.

Source: Twitter

Experts Advise Against Leaving Children in Cars to Avoid Heatstroke

According to Malaysia’s Public Health Advisor Datuk Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar, high temperatures can cause heatstroke in children quickly.

Recent cases of parents leaving children in locked cars led Dr Zainal Ariffin to emphasise not leaving children alone in vehicles, especially during hot weather, to prevent potential dangers.

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