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Recap 2020: The Wildest Things You Can’t Believe Happened This Year

Recap 2020: The Wildest Things You Can’t Believe Happened This Year

Time flies in interesting times.

Anne Dorall

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2020 has been a year, with the Covid-19 situation being at the forefront of our minds. But surprisingly, being hit with a global pandemic and observing various forms of “house arrest” isn’t the only wildest things to happen this year.

Malaysia has seen a fair share of bizarre happenings in 2020, even if it may feel like it’s been ages. Here’s a couple of highlights to refresh your memory:

1. The time Americans only just realized that they should have been using water bidets to wash their butts instead of dry tissue paper.

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Hello, asians have been doing this forever.
(Credit: Freepik)

2. The time at the beginning of the pandemic when people were still learning how to wear masks and PornHub released a video teaching people how to do it before doing it.

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The video is NSFW, but our article is.
(Credit: Pornhub)

3. The time Veveonah brought forth internet connectivity woes faced by Sabah locals, shocking the country by climbing a tree to sit for online exams.

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Veveonah taking her online exam on her phone atop a tree in order to get a good internet connection. (Credit: Veveonah M/YouTube)

4. The one time the Royal Malaysian Police attempted to raid an illegal gambling den and accidentally killed all the fish in a pet store instead.

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The police were just trying to do their jobs, but innocent fishes gave up their lives instead.
(Credit: YouTube/Harian Metro/Facebook/Natasha Ramanov)

5. The one time Kelantan was the site of uncovering huge dinosaur footprints from the popular “long-neck” Sauropods.

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Who would’ve thought we could find proof of dinosaurs in Malaysia!
(Credit: Sinar Harian)

6. The one time a monkey broke into a house, stole an iPhone, and took a bunch of selfies with it.

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Monkeys are vicious little things.
(Credit: Facebook/Zackrydz Rodzi)

7. The one time Kuala Lumpur was so badly flooded, Masjid Jamek became a floating island while snakes happily traversed flooded carparks.

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It’s rainy season again, too.
(Credit: Whatsapp)

8. The one many times Klang Valley faced massive water cuts, prompting Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunos to once again don his iconic towel outfit to complain about it.

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He’s done it once, he’ll do it again.
(Credit: Facebook/AstroAwani)

9. The one day we all became super paranoid when two cars were crushed in two separate incidents of falling debris from overhead construction.

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The stuff of nightmares.

10. The time Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah sassed Malaysians online for being lax with SOPs when the country moved out of our first movement control order period.

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11. The one time a driver in Johor Bahru was driving with an entire banana tree inside his car and turned out to already have 18 summons and 4 arrest warrants.

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Driving around like it’s his grandfather’s road.
(Credit: Twitter)

It feels like these things happened a long time ago, but that’s just how it is living in extremely interesting times!

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