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Khairulaming Sends Important Message To Kids Who Want To Be Content Creators

Khairulaming Sends Important Message To Kids Who Want To Be Content Creators

The foodie content creator and sambal entrepreneur made a very moving speech after his big win at the TikTok Awards last night.

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33-year-old Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, better known as Khairulaming gave a moving speech last night at the TikTok Awards Malaysia when he received his most-waited award of the year.

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Khairul managed to bag the number-one place in the Creator of the Year category, which is the top prestigious award of the night.

He went up against talented creators who made a huge difference to the Malaysian digital scene, such as  @bossjames_oe (popular in the automotive industry), @lawyergandhi (legal industry), @auntiepurple248 (fashion & homecare industry), @sallywhoo (beauty & fashion industry), and @ceddyornot (food industry).

Meaningful speech

Khairul gave a short but simple speech when he went on stage last night. Besides thanking his closest support system, including his late father, he also thanked his fans for their tremendous support.

(Credit: @tv3malaysia / Instagram)

But what stood out to us the most was the inspiring message he left for the youth out there.

To the young people who are still in school out there, continue your studies.

Even if you want to become a content creator, you need to remember that being a content creator is not just about going viral.

To remain relevant in this industry, you need a lot of knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, etiquette, and common sense, okay?

So, complete your studies and become a skilled generation of content creators who can contribute to the progress of our country, Malaysia.

Khairulaming, TikTok Award Malaysia’s Creator Of The Year

It is not a surprise to us that most youngsters nowadays choose not to further their studies. Instead, they opt for easier jobs that could make them get fame and generate income easily, such as content creation.

According to Awani, findings from the eProfil Kerjaya Murid (ePKM) system in 2021 revealed that 180,680 or 48.74% of SPM graduates chose not to pursue higher education. That’s almost half the number of students.

In fact, according to Minister of Education, Fadhlina Sidek, in 2020, 115,939 SPM graduates, or 35.16%, were not interested in continuing their studies.

Although in some cases, higher education is not a necessity to achieve success but knowledge is never a waste. The country also relies on the youth today to become the nation’s future professional leaders.

Going viral is not enough

In an interview with Awani, Khairul mentioned that he had to take that moment on stage to deliver the important message. He noticed the worrying trend of youths deciding not to prioritise education and that doesn’t sit well with him.

He has always been advocating for education and wants the youth to create inspiring content, not just viral ones. This is because the viral ones would only be relevant at one point in time and to be successful and consistent creators, they need to think ahead.

“They have a desire to learn, but at the same time, they want to go viral quickly. I had to gather my strength before conveying the message earlier (when announced as the winner).

“For me, regardless of what people say, what’s important is that I want the youth of Malaysia to create inspiring content for all users,” explained Khairul after the victory speech he made onstage.

In the interview, he also said that content creation is not just about following trends and creating videos, but thorough planning. Creators need to think 4 to 5 years ahead.

For him, he conducts research of videos worldwide in his niche area, and uses them to interpret his next move in the digital marketing and business scene.

Content Creation goes hand in hand with branding and digital marketing. Wherever we creators go, the brands and marketing will follow.

Hence, we need to plan and prepare our content carefully. Don’t wait for the trend to dissipate and only then, jump on the bandwagon.

We have to to follow our own style.

Khairulaming, TikTok Award Malaysia’s Creator Of The Year

You hear that young creators? Knowledge, consistency and determination are the keys. Leverage on your knowledge and make interesting and unique content that the public will always find engaging.

@501awani "Sebagai content creator kita kena rancang 5 ke 6 tahun ke hadapan bukan hanya ikut trend," – @Khairulaming #TikTokAwardsMY ♬ original sound – 🇲🇾Astro AWANI🇲🇾

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