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[Watch] Sambal And Omelette Too Oily? Khairul Aming Responds To Dr Rafidah

[Watch] Sambal And Omelette Too Oily? Khairul Aming Responds To Dr Rafidah

He shared his perspective about the issue as someone who’s on a weight-loss journey and the realities of a food content creator.

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Food content creator Khairul Aming’s recent video about making Sambal Hijau Bilis and omelette garnered quite a discussion online after a doctor advised him to cook healthier meals.

Dr Rafidah Abdullah, a consultant physician and nephrologist in Hospital Putrajaya, said that he used too much oil and wants more Malaysians to be aware of their food choices.

Her comments drew both support and criticism from netizens.

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Khairul Aming has responded with his perspective on the issue as someone who is obese and a food content creator.

He shared that he is trying to lose weight and stay healthy. So far, he has successfully lowered his Body Mass Index (BMI) from the obese category to overweight. He also managed to lower his body fat from 44% to 29%.

However, he developed a love-hate relationship with our delicious local food during his healthy weight loss journey. This was because he was advised to eat healthier options such as brown rice, spinach, broccoli and salmon.

Although he was eating healthy meals, he felt stressed and suffered throughout the process because he couldn’t enjoy eating local food.

He ended up putting on more weight than before because he ate food without controlling the portions.

He learned a hard lesson and decided to do better. He continued eating clean daily but also allows himself to enjoy eating Malaysian food in moderate portions.

Our food is delicious. It’s a waste if we don’t enjoy it actually. We just need to control our portions.

Khairul Aming

From a food content creator’s perspective, Khairul Aming said he could opt for healthier options such as using less oil, but the food will just be less tasty than the original recipe.

He explained that he provides the ingredient measurements in his videos to show the reality of making the food with its exact content.

By showing the measurements, people get to see what it takes to cook their favourite meals and what they’re actually consuming when they eat out or at home.

After watching his videos, people have the choice to make a healthier decision of their own and alter his recipes to their liking.

Khairul Aming added that he would still be criticised if people used his healthier recipe and the food turns out less tasty than expected.

I cannot win. I cannot please everyone. In Malaysia, like it or not, not everyone wants to go on a diet or take care of their body weight. Some just want to enjoy delicious food. So, I’m just showing the way the food is prepared in real life and you guys can make your own decision. I cannot control that. Most importantly, you can control your portion.

Khairul Aming

He ended the video by wishing everyone a good Ramadan and reminding everyone to take care of their health, exercise, and control their food portions.

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