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2023 TikTok Awards Malaysia – Who Exactly Are The Winners?

2023 TikTok Awards Malaysia – Who Exactly Are The Winners?

From former MMA fighters to cargo workers, here are some of the people who made it as successful content creators as recognised by the annual TikTok Awards in Malaysia.

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TikTok Malaysia recently concluded their month-long award competition last night with their peak one-night event, TikTok Awards Malaysia, the first annual award show for many years to come.

Held at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) Kuala Lumpur last night (27 Aug), the award show brings Malaysian creators of the small screen to the big stage where they celebrate the top creators who have made a great impact on TikTok this year.

Besides the judges’ pick category, the public has also been participating in the voting process for their favourite creators for the past few weeks in the People’s Choice categories.

Here are the list of winners and a little background on them. Some of you might not even know their names and what they do right? So let’s get to know them a bit closer.

People’s Choice

Here are the winners for the People’s Choice categories.

Creator Of The Year


Khairulaming needs no introduction. The 29-year-old Kota Bharu native has shaken the Malaysian food industry since he joined the world of content creation.

He started off his journey in 2016, making simple recipe videos out of budget items. Now, he has multiple factories for his Sambal Nyet empire and has advocated for the public in the topic of education, business and digital media. He has over 53.8M likes on TikTok currently.

Khairulaming went up against @bossjames_oe, @lawyergandhi, @auntiepurple248, @sallywhoo, and @ceddyornot in the category.

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Popular Creator Of The Year


Ryan Bakery (pronounced as Ba-ke-ri, not ba-ke-ry, just, FYI) or Muhammad Ryan Fahmi Bin Bakery is a 28-year-old creator from Perak. He is known for his short relatable parody videos that take Malaysians down memory lane in their ’90s childhood era.

He started his videos in 2021 after he lost his job in the cargo field when the pandemic hit. Now, he has over 139M likes on TikTok.

Ryan Bakery competed against @drbengee@alexhkf@sofyank96@gigicheoh, and @itsjovynn at the awards show.

Rising Star Of The Year


Noor Ikhmal Haqim Noor Azhar, more commonly known as Ikhmal Nour, is a singer as well as a content creator. He’s known for his amusing takes on daily topics and also for his notable green wig, which he also wore to the award show last night.

Ikhmal started creating content in 2020 and has since amassed over 89.6M likes on TikTok.

He came out on top against creators such as @yuki_dance_, @chefdaveveganjourney, @gastonpong, @penceritatv and @zarul.hafiz.

Popular Animation Account Of The Year

@upinipinofficial @lescopaque

Upin and Ipin are five-year-old Malaysian animated twins who resonate with Malaysian kids as they feature their day-to-day mischievous lives in the kampung. They’ve been airing on TV since 2007 and have now been the longest-running Malaysian animated series with its 16th year of production.

The account started in TikTok in 2020 and has since gotten around 209M likes.

Other nominees include @yimotapir, @boboiboy, @official_didiandfriends, @papapipi and @officialejenali.

Live Creator Of The Year


Tiger Labu is known for his unique take and immersive narration of haunted places in Malaysia. He has visited hundreds of places nationwide and made countless episodes of his eerie journeys.

Tiger Labu was actually an MMA fighter before he started his journey in TikTok in 2022. He has since gotten 3.7M likes for his videos on the account.

Other nominees for the category include @garyislit_, @quehaidar, @hafizalonggs, @ervan818, and @wafiy_aan.

TikTok Shop Creator Of The Year


Mohammad Anas Zahrin is a beauty and fashion entrepreneur. He has a fashion line named Ashh&Annas as well as a popular cosmetic brand named ANAS Cosmetic. Since he joined TikTok, he has been known to do giveaways and discounts to loyal fans and currently, he has garnered over 65.4M likes on his account.

He competed against creators like @tangsiewsiang, @vicky.littlewolf, @dapur_mahir, @watermummy_oe and @dearcarynn.

Celebrity Creator Of The Year


Aeril Zafrel also known as Suhairil Sunari is an actor, director and producer. He often makes videos starring his wife, who’s also an actress and model, Wawa Zainal. He has over 32.7M likes on TikTok.

Aeril went up against @dollaofficial, @annajobling, @zizanrazak869, @jannanickofficial as well as @sitinordiana84.

Judge’s Pick

Here are the winners for the Judge’s pick categories.

Best of Beauty & Fashion

Shahira Azlan is best known for her before and after make-up transformations, beauty care tutorials and vlogs about her life. She’s also the founder of a beauty brand named SHERR. She has gotten 70M likes on her TikTok, currently.

Other nominees inclue @thenictionary, @miaazahar,, @eimasafuan, @sfeashraa, @nelysa_norazlan, @rozyanaroslan2, @hanzartmakeup, and @hidayahgan.

Best of Entertainment

Eiqa Maleq is known for her movie and drama reviews, especially Korean dramas. After she quit her job in the realty field during the pandemic, she started making video reviews of food and movies.

When she slowly rose to attention, TikTok reached out to her and gave her a platform to expand her interest in the entertainment industry. She has since garnered 9.3M likes on her TikTok account.

Other content creators who were nominated for the category include @adamizzy, @aimonnn_, @azmirakmar, @hadamproject, @lordtofucat, @mistashaque, @moseswck, @shahril_en_pecinta_muvee and @sonicwebs.

Best of Gaming

Sultan Riq has been creating inspiring videos about the gaming and tech industry. Other than PUBG and other popular games, he usually does live reviews for Mobile Legends.

In his recent post about his winning, he highlighted that contrary to the public’s beliefs, gaming is not wrong, as long as you prioritise your time management for important stuff like family, school and work. Hear that, lads?

Other nominees in the category include @yonnytiktok_ , @mandayat , @faroukjer , @lapheltzy , @francfreakz , @kiddobae , @cikgumisai__ , @sircloudmy and @ismulcomel.

Best of Sports

Kay Khalish creates videos on fitness. If he’s not running, he’s creating videos about running, so for those who need tips on sprints, marathons and jogs, he’s your guy. He also gives tips on diets, exercise, sporty apparel and more. Since he joined TikTok, he has amassed over 5.2M likes.

Khalish competed against @refereekampung , @haniffloid , @maviswfitness , @nabil_rauf , @zeemahmadd , @fitpie365 , @jordanyeohofficial , @ammaranuwar and @natalie.ljy.

Best of Education

Sir Asai or Ahmad Shahrul Azhan has been a dedicated English teacher since 2001. He’s known for his educational videos teaching English language to his students in Kelantan. He tried lots of ways to innovatively teach English to his students and noticed that they use TikTok every day. He then decided to use the platform as a way to gauge their attention and he has never backed down since.

Since he started in 2020, he has now accumulated over 30M likes for his entertaining yet informational videos.

Other creators nominated for this award includes @dr.samhan, @cikgudebbie, @aminahtulmardiah, @ggatorart, @wfsufina, @irfan.khairi, @masteleyy_bestz, @iqbalahyar and @sirsyahmi92.

Best of Foodie

Syifa Jamil is known for her kalut-kalut (frenzied or quick) videos on cooking. Her entertaining cooking videos don’t just feature recipes, but tips on how to handle the ingredients too, like how to clean and prep certain types of fish and seafood. The Kedahan-born creator has grown over 21M likes on TikTok since she first started.

Other nominated creators include @akiejack, @charmwasabi, @eatwkriss, @hamdanmubarak_, @mathanedward, @richard_is_cooking, @shafiquecute_official, @shahrilwokay2 as well as @zamypurba.

So these are the winners and what they’re famous for. Do you have other famous creators in mind you think should have won? Well, don’t worry, 2023 is just the start of the awards show. Maybe they’ll snatch away the titles next year. Till then, don’t forget to show your unwavering support for these creators.

To find out more info and snippets of the award ceremony, check out TikTok Malaysia’s Twitter account or TV3’s TikTok account.

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