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Pharmacy Vs. Pharmaceutical Science: A Prescription For Your Career Curiosity

Pharmacy Vs. Pharmaceutical Science: A Prescription For Your Career Curiosity

The fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science are two sides of the same coin in the medical sector. But differ in their approach to healthcare.

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The field of medicine is vast and exciting. Like a bustling hospital corridor that just keeps on going. It’s filled with a cast of characters, each with their respective roles and expertise, coming together in the shared pursuit of providing health and healing.

But today, we’re turning the spotlight on two critical specialties within the medical profession that rarely get the starring role on an episode of The Good Doctor or Grey’s Anatomy, but are still vital at keeping the global healthcare show going: Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science.

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To make a textbook short, the fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science are more or less two sides of the same coin in the medical sector. But, while both disciplines aim to better healthcare outcomes, they differ greatly in their approach.

Pharmacy: The Medication Maestros

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Pharmacy is a field that focuses on the safe and effective use of medications and patient care. Pharmacists generally interact directly with patients and ensure that they get the right medicine, at the right time, and for the right reasons. They also educate patients on the risks and correct use of the medications that the doctor prescribes.

You can think of pharmacists as the conductors of an orchestra, where every pill and prescription has its place, and it’s the maestro’s job to make sure that the symphony plays out harmoniously for each patient.

In a work setting, pharmacists are the pros you usually see behind the counter at your local drugstore or hospital dispensary. They’re the ones who tactfully decode the doctor’s handwriting and the ones with the answers to questions like, “How many times do I have to take this?” and “Does this make me sleepy?”.

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However, some pharmacy specialists also venture into areas like drug development, navigate the complexities of regulatory affairs, or branch out into the business side of things with pharmaceutical consultations, sales, and manufacturing.

For those who are interested in diving into the field, a Bachelor of Pharmacy programme would typically include practical training in patient care and medication management to equip students with the scientific knowledge, clinical acumen, and professional skills necessary to excel in the profession.

Pharmaceutical Science: The Lab Wizards

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Now, Pharmaceutical Scientists are the wizards who are conjuring up the next big thing in medicine. They’re the ones in the lab coats, working behind the scenes to research, discover, and develop the next generation of medications that pharmacists will one day dispense or the healthcare and beauty products sold over the counter.

Pharmaceutical Science covers a wide range of scientific disciplines, such as chemistry, biology, pharmacology and others. They rarely, if at all, interact directly with patients and are dedicated to research.

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Most of their duties revolve around developing, testing, manufacturing and marketing newer, safer, and more effective medications, supplements, cosmetics, you name it!

Academic programs for Pharmaceutical Science degrees are typically research-intensive and include practical learning components. It can pave the way for specialization in diverse areas by equipping students with the hands-on experience essential for success in their chosen careers.

#RiseWithTheBest at Taylor’s University

Whether you aspire to get hands-on with patients as a pharmacist or drive medical and personal health innovations as a pharmaceutical scientist, Taylor’s University now offers the perfect platform to realize your ambitions with the launch of its Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Honours) degree programme.

With world-class facilities including, a state-of-the-art Cosmetic & Perfumery Lab, experienced faculty, and a supportive learning environment, Taylor’s University empowers students to #RiseWithTheBest and unlock their full potential to embark on a rewarding career journey ahead.

The Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Honours) at Taylor’s University is designed to spark your curiosity and equip you with hands-on expertise. Here, you will explore everything from the science behind drug discovery and development to the ins and outs of medicine production.

What truly sets this programme apart from others is its exciting Cosmetic Science extension, where Taylor’s is the first university in Malaysia to offer this complementary study option at an undergraduate level. Here, students have the opportunity to explore the colourful realms of cosmetics, beauty, and personal care.

Professor Dr P.T. Thomas, the head of Taylor’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is hopeful that the course extension will put Malaysia on the map in the pharma and cosmetic game and at the forefront in the development of insulin, vaccines, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), as well as, manufacturing specialized botanical products and halal medicines.

Currently, most of Malaysia’s pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are imported and it is therefore crucial that we expand the capabilities of our local manufacturers and industries to gain a greater share of this market sector. By combining academic excellence and world-class facilities with industry immersion, we are shaping future leaders who will drive innovation in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

Taylor’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Executive Dean Professor Dr P.T. Thomas.

Taylor’s is also the first to offer Work-Based Learning (WBL) in a pharmaceutical science programme. Together with the programme’s industry partners and big names like Kotra Pharma, Sunward Pharmaceutical, KCK Pharmaceutical Industries, Pahang Pharmacy, Intercosmetic Asia Pacific, Duopharma Biotech and others.

Students who opt for WBL will gain a year of practical work experience, providing them with a competitive edge and an accelerated entry into the job market. 

“With a focus on flexibility and industry relevance, students can choose between the conventional three-year programme or WBL modes, tailoring their learning experience to their career aspirations,” explained Dr Wong Jia Woei, Programme Director of the Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Honours).

She also pointed out that students sticking with the classic and conventional route will instead gain benefits from the course’s Pharmaceutical Industry Student Adoption (PISA) program and secure internships with over 10 top-tier firms, including global giants like Abbott, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer.

And aside from the usual scientific modules, the program is also interconnected with marketing and entrepreneurial skills training to widen your gateway into the complex pharma world and open up opportunities beyond the traditional lab or research roles!

Join Taylor’s University today and kickstart your journey to becoming the ultimate healthcare star! Visit Taylor’s University website to learn more about their Pharmaceutical Science and Pharmacy programmes.

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