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Water And Sewerage Operators Receive 81.5% Discount On Electricity Tariff Surcharge

Water And Sewerage Operators Receive 81.5% Discount On Electricity Tariff Surcharge

Domestic users with a monthly electricity consumption of 1,500 kWh or RM708 and below will not experience an increase in electricity tariffs

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The recent announcement of electricity tariff surcharge discounts for water and sewerage operators has raised concerns over double standards in Malaysia.

The discounts, which amount to 81.5% of the electricity tariff surcharge, are granted to water and sewerage operators due to their status as monopolies or concessionaires.

This stands in contrast to other commercial private companies, such as factories, shopping complexes, hotels, and restaurants, which receive only a small discount of three cents per kW/hr.

Double Standard Raises Concerns

The discrepancy has led to questions over why water and sewerage operators are given such a significant discount while other companies are left with a comparatively small reduction.

Critics argue that this double standard is unfair, allowing water and sewerage operators to earn more profits than their competitors in the open market.

Meanwhile, the lack of savings for other companies limits their ability to reduce the selling price of their goods, leading to inflationary pressures that could harm consumers.

To address these concerns, some have called for a discount on the tariff surcharge for all private companies involved in producing, manufacturing, and transporting food products.

By extending the discount to this entire supply chain, similar to what is given to water and sewerage operators, the price of food products could be better controlled and reduce inflationary pressures hurting consumers across the country.

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