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Skyrocketing Electricity Bills Leave Malaysian Family Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Skyrocketing Electricity Bills Leave Malaysian Family Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Huang suspects the electricity meter could be the problem behind her skyrocketing electricity bills.

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A Malaysian family has been left struggling to make ends meet after their electricity bill skyrocketed to over RM800.

Huang, a 37-year-old cleaner, lives with her husband and five children in a single-storey terrace house in Semenyih, Selangor.

Since installing a new smart meter last year, the family’s electricity bill has increased from over RM200 to over RM800.

Efforts To Save Energy Prove Futile

Sin Chew reported that despite their best efforts to save energy, Huang and her family have found themselves unable to keep up with the rising cost of electricity.

They have resorted to taking cold showers, using fewer air conditioners, and avoiding cooking and other energy-consuming activities.

Huang’s husband has lost his job, leaving her and one of their children to support the family.

Suspicions Of Meter Tampering

Huang suspects there may be a problem with the electricity meter, as the family’s bills have increased significantly since the installation of the new smart meter.

The most expensive bill they received was over RM800, which Huang says is simply unaffordable for her family.

TNB, Malaysia’s main electricity provider, has advised customers to take effective energy-saving measures to avoid energy waste.

The company provides tips on energy-smart measures on its website, which customers can use to reduce their energy consumption and lower their bills.

Huang’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of energy conservation and the need for effective measures to address rising electricity costs.

As electricity prices continue to rise in Malaysia, many families also find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet.

A Twitter user named Salim Iskandar shared an electricity bill which he claimed has almost doubled in three months.

However, TNB has responded to the complaint, saying that the user’s bill averages around RM500 for the last three months.

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Hot Weather Blamed For Increased Power Consumption 

Malaysia’s electricity consumption reached a record high of 19,716 MW as of 11 May due to the increased use of air conditioners and fans due to extreme weather conditions.

There can be several other reasons for a higher-than-usual electric bill.

Some common causes include high usage habits, inefficient appliances, and lack of proper insulation.

If you are experiencing a higher-than-usual electric bill, reviewing your usage habits and considering making changes to reduce your energy consumption may be helpful.

TNB said it provides energy-smart measures on its website for efficient use of appliances.

For more information or assistance, contact TNB CareLine at 1-300-88-5454 or contact TNB on Facebook or Twitter.

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