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[Watch] Seafood Restaurant Faces Backlash For Inviting Adeline Chang To Livestream

[Watch] Seafood Restaurant Faces Backlash For Inviting Adeline Chang To Livestream

The move has sparked outrage among netizens, who have flooded the restaurant’s Facebook page with one-star reviews in protest.

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A seafood restaurant in Petaling Jaya has become the centre of controversy after inviting Adeline Chang, known for her alleged fare evasion and signature red dresses, to livestream on its premises.

The decision has drawn sharp criticism from netizens, who have accused the restaurant of promoting unhealthy practices and taken to the restaurant’s Facebook page to leave one-star reviews in protest.

The live stream – conducted in Mandarin – featured Chang and her twin sister promoting the restaurant’s products and engaging in conversation throughout the broadcast.

However, the situation turned tense when Chang became visibly agitated and raised her voice during the livestream, ostensibly because people questioned her reputation.

The sudden change in her behaviour caught the attention of those present, who had to intervene and urge Chang to calm down.

The revelation that Chang was compensated for her appearance in the livestream has further angered netizens, who view the payment as a reward for her alleged misconduct.

During the livestream, the restaurant paid Chang RM700 for her appearance.

In a surprising turn of events, the restaurant also addressed the controversy surrounding Chang’s alleged fare evasion.

They told her that now that she had money, she should pay for the services and products she used.

The restaurant’s unexpected comment added a new layer to the already tense situation, as they seemed to acknowledge the public’s frustration with Chang’s actions while simultaneously associating themselves with her.

This further complicated the controversy and raised questions about the restaurant’s stance.

Fare Evasion Scandal Sparks Outrage and Boycotts

Chang gained notoriety recently after a video of her allegedly refusing to pay an e-hailing fare went viral on social media.

The incident sparked a heated debate about fare evasion and the treatment of e-hailing drivers in Malaysia.

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Since then, several local merchants have invited Chang to livestream and promote their products, a move that has been met with growing dissatisfaction from the public.

However, her livestreams extend beyond product promotion, delving into various topics such as relationships and her ideal type of man.

Critics have accused these merchants of overlooking Chang’s alleged misconduct to gain traffic and publicity.

One angry netizen commented, “Just because they don’t admit it doesn’t mean they did nothing wrong. If you condone Ms Chang’s behaviour, does that mean it’s okay for everyone to buy something from you without paying for it?”

Others have labelled the merchants as “sellers with bad views” and have called for a boycott of their businesses.

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact the reputation and bottom line of businesses that choose to associate with Chang.

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