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Biker’s Misfortune Turns Into RM721,000 Windfall: A Pothole Problem Exposed

Biker’s Misfortune Turns Into RM721,000 Windfall: A Pothole Problem Exposed

A pothole sent the biker tumbling to the ground, leaving him with injuries that would later form the basis of a successful lawsuit against the road maintenance company.

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In a twist of fate that sounds more like a plot from a movie than real life, a 49-year-old man in Johor has been awarded a staggering RM721,000 in compensation after a motorcycle accident caused by a pothole left him injured.

The incident, three years ago in Pasir Gudang, changed the victim’s life and exposed the glaring problems with road maintenance in Malaysia.

The victim, Razali @ Mohd Leey Subeh, was riding his motorcycle on the fateful night of February 11, 2021, when he suddenly hit a pothole and was sent flying off his bike.

The impact left him with injuries that would later form the basis of his legal case against the road maintenance company, Safwa Global Venture (M) Sdn Bhd, and the Johor state government.

Surprisingly, Razali withdrew his lawsuit against the Johor state government on May 16, 2022, leaving Safwa Global Venture as the sole defendant.

The company, however, failed to present a solid defence, with conflicting statements and a lack of action against third-party contractors involved in the incident.

Judge Sazlina Safie, presiding over the case, noted that the pothole had remained unrepaired from the day of the incident until the start of excavation work on September 29, 2022.

She also pointed out the poor lighting on the road section where the accident occurred, which limited visibility and contributed to the incident.

Malaysia’s Pothole Epidemic: A Ticking Time Bomb on Our Roads

The RM721,000 compensation may provide solace to the victim, but it is a small consolation compared to the larger issue – the need for better road infrastructure and maintenance in Malaysia.

Potholes have long been a source of frustration and danger for road users, with social media often flooded with complaints and images of damaged roads.

It is important to note that this is not an isolated incident.

In previous cases, the government has had to pay substantial amounts in compensation to victims of road accidents caused by poor road conditions.

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It is time for the government and relevant agencies to take concrete steps to address the pothole problem and ensure that the roads are safe for all users.

Only then can we hope to prevent more stories like Razali’s from making the news and save countless others from the pain and suffering caused by preventable road accidents.

MyJalan App: Empowering Citizens to Take Action Against Potholes

The government launched the MyJalan app in August 2023 to facilitate reporting road damage, including potholes.

Citizens can use the app to submit complaints with photos and location details.

You can also use the app to report other issues related to road safety, such as faulty traffic lights or overgrown vegetation.

The app has received over 14,000 complaints about potholes and other road damage as of April 19 this year.

This demonstrates its effectiveness in encouraging public participation in road maintenance.

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