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#WhatsOn: Darkest Malaysia? Harith Iskander Sits Down With Tajuddin Rasdi In Eye-Opening Discussion

#WhatsOn: Darkest Malaysia? Harith Iskander Sits Down With Tajuddin Rasdi In Eye-Opening Discussion

The Godfather of Malaysian comedy sits down with a socio-political analyst to ponder an important question.

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So #WhatsOn? So many videos and podcasts and discussions on the Internet that you don’t know what to watch? Let us help you out. This week, we recommend the latest episode of Harith Iskander’s What’s Going On Malaysia.

He’s the “World’s Funniest Person” and his guest is a socio-political analyst.

On the surface they make look like night and day but put them together and you get an insight on what’s happening in the country right now.

Known as the Godfather of Malaysian comedy, Harith Iskander sits down with Professor Dr Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi to ponder if this is “The Darkest Period in Malaysia’s History“.

Harith, not a stranger to the world of podcasting, invited Tajuddin recently to be a guest on his show “What’s Going on Malaysia?” where they spoke about boycotts and people who don’t read.

The episode went up last Friday and has already amassed over 125,000 views on the Harith Iskander Official YouTube channel.

Who is Tajuddin Rasdi?

Tajuddin has a PhD in architecture and lectures at UCSI. His focus is Islamic architecture.

According to Tajuddin, his focus on Islamic architecture led him to study the Quran and Hadith which then opened his eyes to the religion and made him jump into social, political and education in a bid to offer his perspective on these matters based on what he learned in the scripture and hadith.

People don’t read? Really?

Tajuddin paints an eye-opening picture of the Islam practised by most of the Malays in this country which mostly comes from learning from a teacher (ustaz).

There is a limitation in terms of the education we have here, which is taken from traditional construct.

Now we come to politics. Politics identify that this can be weaponised very easily becausee people are ignorant of their own religion. They love their religion. They want to go to heaven, but they don’t know that they don’t know about Islam…. That’s the problem.”

Prof Tajuddin Rasdi

You’re thinking of that Friends episode right now, aren’t you?


So this takes us to the ever popular topic of boycotts.

Harith and Tajuddin then discussed the KK Mart socks issue which the former said it was pointed out to him by someone that if people wanted to insult Islam intentionally, they were ways to do it stronger than via socks.

Tajuddin then brought up a public figure which he did not name, who was actively talking about boycotts but then went quiet after a meeting with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

He said “this person” had always said he was fighting for Islam but in Tajuddin’s opinion, he was just fighting for himself and party.

Harith also asked Tajuddin why Malay Muslims feel like they are under attack all the time?

The answer, according to Tajuddin, is rather simple.


“They don’t read.”

But we can read and we do read, no? So what is he saying?

Admit it, you’re intrigued. Catch this episode on Harith Iskander’s social media channels, or YouTube.

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