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What Happened In Ulu Tiram, Johor? – Old Terror Group Scrutinised

What Happened In Ulu Tiram, Johor? – Old Terror Group Scrutinised

The masked suspect was shot dead on scene.

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A masked suspect attacked a police station in Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru early Friday morning resulting in the deaths of two policemen. Another policeman sustained injuries.

According to Johor police chief Commissioner M Kumar, the incident happened after midnight when the suspect barged into the police station brandishing a rifle and a parang, as reported by Bernama.

The suspect was shot and killed at the scene. He was found to have also been packing an HK MP5 rifle and a Walther P99 handgun.

How the attack unfolded

According to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Husain, at about 2.30am, two individuals came to the police station to lodge a report on a a molest case that allegedly happened two years ago.

At the same time, the suspect arrived on a motorcycle.

First he slashed a 21-year-old cop on guard duty several times on the neck. He then seized the cop’s weapon.

Another cop, 22, came to help his colleague but he was fatally shot.

The two cops were from Kuantan, Pahang and Bidor, Perak.

A third cop managed to shoot and kill the suspect, but not before sustaining injuries himself during the firefight.

He is now in stable condition at the Sultan Ismail Hospital in Johor Bahru.

The two individuals who came by allegedly to lodge a police report were arrested along with five others. Some of those arrested were related to the suspect, with ages ranging from as young as 19 to as old as 62.

Jemaah Islamiah ties

Police informed that the suspect was found to be linked with Jemaah Islamiah (JI), a militant group. Initial investigations revealed that the suspect’s father is a member of a JI faction in Ulu Tiram.

The police Special Branch has identified 20 more JI operatives in Johor.

Razarudin also has announced increased security measures for all police facilities nationwide, including state royal palaces and residences of state government leaders.

“We will inform the respective palaces and menteri besar residences on this as it is important and our responsibility.

“At the police facilities, especially stations, we will increase the manpower and patrols. For those facilities that lack lighting, we will also get the allocation for the addition,” he said as reported by Malay Mail.

Meanwhile, Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil asked netizens to stop sharing unverified information on what happened.

He added that the case is still under investigation and he is confident that the police will provide detailed information about the incident.

“My advice is not to rush into speculation as it can lead to various inaccurate and negative reactions regarding the incident,” he said as reported by Malay Mail.

Militant group

Established in 1993 by Indonesians Abu Bakar Bashir and Abdullah Sungkar, JI is a militant Islamist organization with a history of al-Qaeda affiliations and involvement in high-profile terrorist assaults, such as the Bali bombings in 2002.

After serving 11 of his 15-year term, Abu Bakar was released from prison in January 2021. He had been imprisoned in Indonesia since 2011.

JI has had a major impact in Malaysia, having provided its leaders with a base of operations and a safe haven throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Abdullah Sungkar passed away in 1999. In the early 2000s, key JI members were arrested by Malaysian authorities, causing disruptions to their networks.

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