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Dog Found In Deplorable Bony State, Rescued From Owner In Kajang

Dog Found In Deplorable Bony State, Rescued From Owner In Kajang

Jeremiah is a rescued dog who has been suffering from malnutrition, maggot infested body and infection due to neglect.

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Animal cruelty cases have ultimately increased this past few months. It’s not just stray cats and dogs, apparently animals with their owners undergo abuse and neglect too.

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Recently, another case of animal neglect surfaced and this time, it was a dog named Jeremiah.

Jeremiah has an owner

Jeremiah (Jerry) is a brown malnutritioned dog found locked outside his owner’s house in Taman Kajang Baru. When the Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) first found him, he was wearing a blue collar and stayed near a particular house, which indicated that he was someone’s pet.

Upon closer inspection, Jerry appears to be so thin that his ribs and pelvic bones can be seen clearly under the fur coat. He also had a big swollen cheek and could barely walk.

When MIAR decided to rescue the dog, the owner had an argument with them, refusing to hand over the dog. He claimed the dog was his but others said that he was locked out of his home and was seen rummaging for food from garbage bins.

Even after the fight, MIAR still managed to take Jerry away and send him to the nearest vet for further treatment.

Doctor said he’s infested with maggots

When he was brought to the doctor, the doctor mentioned that Jerry’s mouth was full of maggots. He apparently has a huge tumour in his mouth and that probably resulted in the maggot soon after.

Because of the tumour, he can’t even eat, which would also explain his bony structure. The veterinarian will run a biopsy after all the inflammation subsides.

Other than in his mouth, maggots are also found in his paws and legs. The doctor said his paws were infected due to the overgrown nails poking into the skin.

(Credit: MIAR / Facebook)

For now, Jerry’s blood test shows a high infection. They have already started on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories and will update MIAR about his condition from time to time.

Jerry needs help

Because MIAR is a non-profit organization, they helped plenty of strays in need.

They have a shelter based in Semenyih and are currently pleading with the public for a few donations to help them buy food and vet bills for the strays.

If you want to help Jeremiah, you can do so by donating some money to support his vet bills and AD canned food (canned food for sick animals).

You can contribute them to the account below.

Maybank : 5624 1451 4401 Persatuan Pencinta Hak Asasi or Paypal at

For further information, you can also reach these numbers: 017 322 9976 / 016 997 5301.

If you don’t have the means to take care of your pets, then put them up for adoption or give them away. They might end up in a happier place instead of being neglected.

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