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Cat Adopter Couple Exposed As Alleged Animal Abusers Living In Filthy Conditions

Cat Adopter Couple Exposed As Alleged Animal Abusers Living In Filthy Conditions

A lot of animals under the couple’s care allegedly died in the filthy home.

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A Twitter user Nolongerskek (@nolongerskek) is warning animal lovers not to give away their pets, especially cats, to a person named Nia.

Nia and her boyfriend allegedly neglected the animals under their care. Due to their irresponsible actions, many animals have allegedly died in their home which looked filthy, according to the photos shared.

Nolongerskek claimed that 7 cats died this year in the couple’s care. She also claimed Nia didn’t clear the carcass of her two dead cats that died in the cage since Raya.

Despite their inability to care for the animals, the couple just kept getting more pets and the cycle of animal abuse continues.

This was all revealed when @Nolongerskek’s friend went to the house in question only to find it in a terrible state.

The house was flea-infested and @Nolongerskek’s friend allegedly sustained flea bites within 30 minutes of entering the house. It’s believed the cats died due to the flea infestation too.

There were also maggots near the trash, and rotting food under the couch. The cats defecated and peed on the sofa and floors.

When confronted about the issue, Nia allegedly threatened to call Jakim on @Nolongerskek and harassed her.

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Some pet lovers shared their similar horrifying experience with Nia and warned others about her.

One of them claimed that Nia is actually 16 years old but told people she was 21 years old and married. Nia’s boyfriend is allegedly 24 years old and they have been dating for about two years. The couple’s age difference also worried some people.

This also made others wonder what happened to her previously to live like this now. They hope her family and friends could help her.

Netizens advised @Nolongerskek to report the couple to the relevant authorities such as the Veterinary Services Department (DVS).

However, @Nolongerskek said the reason why she exposed the couple online was because the social welfare department said they couldn’t do anything about the animals.

Meanwhile, Perhilitan told her that they could take the animals away but Nia could just keep getting more animals on her own.

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