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Couple Goes On Killing Spree In Pet Shop

Couple Goes On Killing Spree In Pet Shop

The couple strangled a bunny, broke the neck of a parakeet and stomped on a hamster in Oklahoma City.

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A couple in the United States decided to go on an animal-killing spree when they walked into a pet shop in Oklahoma City this month.

As reported by USA Today, the couple have been identified but the police are still looking for them. They were identified from the pet store’s CCTV camera footage and their images were made public as the police need help finding them.

According to the police report, the incident happened on 13 July at 3.30 pm when the Caucasian male and female walked into the Petland store and browsed around.

(Credit: Jesse Mendoza/Sarasota Herald-Tribute, Oklahoma City Police)

The couple, who appeared to be between the ages of 18 and 25, first asked the employee if they could play with a puppy when they looked at the enclosure. Afterwards, they browsed around and left the store sometime after.

After that, the employee found several dead and missing animals in the cages and reported it to their manager.

A strangled bunny, a slain Parakeet and a stomped hamster

Upon checking the CCTV, after playing with the puppy, which was thankfully not harmed, the man went to the bunny’s and Parakeet’s enclosure. He was first seen holding the bunny down, strangling it until it didn’t move.

He then proceeded to the Parakeet’s enclosure next to it and moved away after some time. It is later found out that the man broke the Parakeet’s neck in a swift act.

At the time, the woman didn’t join him in injuring the animals but she acted as a lookout for the male.

They then made their way out after the man stole a hamster and a Guinea pig. The staff later found the hamster in their parking lot, which appeared to be stomped to death, brutally. As of today, the Guinea pig still couldn’t be located.

The Oklahoma City (OKC) Police Department said that the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division is currently leading the investigation on this case.

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(Credit: Freepik)

“Animals don’t have a voice, so we have to be the voice, and we have to make sure justice is done when it’s needed,” said Crystal Slocum, an administrative specialist with OKC Animal Welfare.

Animal cruelty has been a worrying issue faced worldwide. According to World Animal Foundation, more than 10 million animals die from abuse in the US alone even though they are ranked 31st in the world for the toughest animal cruelty laws.

In contrast, although we’re a smaller country compared to the US, Malaysia also has a lot of animal cruelty cases that’s been making headlines these past few months. According to The Sun Daily, a total of 160 animal cruelty cases were reported in 2022, an increase from the 127 cases in 2021 and those are just the reported ones. Imagine those animals suffering at the hands of merciless humans that weren’t reported.

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