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[Watch] Man Rescues Cat Found Floating In River Stuffed In A Sack

[Watch] Man Rescues Cat Found Floating In River Stuffed In A Sack

A man who was out on his boat saw a sack floating in the river and found a living, breathing cat stuffed inside.

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There appears to be a rise of animal cruelty cases these days with the latest one looking like something out of a Criminal Minds episode.

A video that went viral recently showed a tied sack floating in the river, with a cat stuffed inside.

The video was posted on Twitter by @jnmalaysia. From the video, a man who was fishing on his boat saw the yellow sack, which looked like a big dog food packet, floating towards him.

He fished the sack out of the water and noticed the sack was moving.

He brought his boat to shore and opened the sack, and out popped a black cat.

From the looks of it, the cat had possibly spent quite some time tied up in the sack. Fortunately the man found the cat in time.

Many who saw the video were upset and enraged by the person who stuffed the cat in the sack.

Animals are God’s creation, and they too deserve kindness.

Thus, if one cannot show their love towards them, the least one can do is not to hurt them.

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