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[Watch] Injured Dog In Penang Viciously Beaten To Death By Men After Taking Shelter In Drain

[Watch] Injured Dog In Penang Viciously Beaten To Death By Men After Taking Shelter In Drain

After getting hit by a motorcycle, the stray dog ran to hide in a drain before it was beaten to death by several individuals.

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People will usually try their best to help an injured animal, but apparently, a group of men in Penang did not get the memo.

According to a Twitter user, a stray dog ran across a poorly lit road and was run over by a motorcycle.

The injured dog then ran into the drain to hide. However, what happened next was heartbreaking.

In the video, two men could be seen poking and hitting the defenceless dog with long objects that looked like sticks.

In another video, the dog’s lifeless body was left on the ground, showing the aftermath of the men’s cruelty.

The Twitter user claimed one of the men said not to record and share what they did.

Angered netizens voice out

The videos drew criticism from netizens who were shocked by the men’s behaviour. They want the men to be punished according to the law and tagged the police to alert them about the matter.

Meanwhile, a netizen urged people to report the matter to Animal Welfare.

Others also shared that although dogs are seen as haram in Islam, it’s not an excuse to hurt the animals.

While the men in the video acted cruelly, there is still some hope for humanity. Some netizens shared that they have helped injured stray animals and taken them to the vet.

Hopefully, an investigation will take place to deter people from partaking in animal cruelty.

When it comes to the law, the offence of killing animals is stipulated under Section 30 of the Animal Welfare Act 2015.

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