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[Watch] This Klang Valley Mall Cooked Up A Social Experiment To Test Malaysians

[Watch] This Klang Valley Mall Cooked Up A Social Experiment To Test Malaysians

They wanted to see if Malaysians would remember our 5 Rukun Negara and the lyrics to our national anthem.

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Quick, what’s the third principle from our Rukun Negara?

Do you still remember it? It’s Keluhuran Perlembagaan by the way.

From primary school to university days, Malaysians are used to committing our Rukun Negara to memory every time there’s a big assembly. Right?

If you don’t know it, how are you really a Malaysian? It should be hard-wired into our system!

A Merdeka social experiment

This Merdeka month, a particular mall did a social experiment to see if Malaysians know our national principles and national anthem by heart.

The pranksters placed themselves in an elevator and stood in all 4 corners, pretending not to know each other.

When someone comes in, one guy started to announce the first principle of Rukun Negara and the other three followed with their parts.

The guests then stood awkwardly trying to figure out what was happening while staring at the four guys anticipating their answers.

Some answered correctly and some just froze nervously with a blank expression on their faces.

(Credit: IOI City Mall / Facebook)

When someone gets it right, the four pranksters gave them a Malaysian flag and celebrated their win enthusiastically.

The social experiment was quite amusing to witness as people had different random reactions to the situation and some were totally bewildered.

But it’s still heart-warming to see the joy and union of those who answered them accurately.

That’s the Merdeka spirit!

Netizens are proud

Following the video that went viral on Facebook, a lot of people shared their thoughts on the social experiment in the comment section.

Most people were so proud and touched to see the unity among our citizens of different races.

Some even said that they want this kind of content more from them in the future.

Others mentioned that they would automatically forget the lyrics and principles if they were given that much spontaneous attention from strangers out of nervousness.

Fun facts about Negaraku & Rukun Negara

Did you know that our national anthem was taken from Perak’s state anthem?

And did you know that the Perak State anthem’s melody was originally from the island of Mahé in Seychelles, created by a French composer, Pierre Jean de Béranger with his song “La Rosalie”?

When it was made as Perak’s state anthem in 1918, the melody grew popular, there was even a song in the 50s called “Terang Boelan“.

Find out more about the history of Negaraku in our article below.

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Besides that, did you know that the Rukun Negara was created to foster unity among various races in Malaysia?

It was created following the bloody race riot known as the 13 May 1969 incident that resulted in an ethnic divide and a state of national emergency.

Rukun Negara was introduced in 1970, headed by Tun Abdul Razak with the aim to create harmony and unity among the various races in Malaysia.

In addition, Rukun Negara also bears similarities to Indonesia’s national philosophy too, called the Pancasila.

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