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Remember These Munchies? Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane Of Malaysia’s Fav Childhood Snacks

Remember These Munchies? Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane Of Malaysia’s Fav Childhood Snacks

These snacks brought joy and excitement to many, and their absence has left a void in the hearts of nostalgic snack enthusiasts.

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Childhood memories often bring with them a sense of nostalgia and a longing for the carefree days of our youth. 

For many Malaysians, reminiscing about childhood includes the wide variety of delightful snacks that were once an integral part of their lives. 

Unfortunately, the passage of time has seen some of these beloved treats fade into obscurity.

In this article, we take a trip down memory lane to explore some of the childhood snacks in Malaysia, some of which have disappeared, leaving behind fond memories and a hint of longing.

1. Paddle Pop Moo

To ice cream lovers, Paddle Pop Moo, which was introduced by Wall’s in the early 2000s, brought a new level of excitement.

The curvy vanilla and chocolate ice cream (it had a cute cow design) was always a favourite treat among Malaysian children and adults.

But where is it today? The exact reason behind the disappearance of Paddle Pop Moo ice cream in Malaysia is not widely known. However, it is likely that changes in consumer preferences and market demand played a role.

Nevertheless, while the Paddle Pop Moo ice cream may have disappeared in Malaysia, variations of it exist overseas like the Paddle Pop Moo Froot in Pakistan.

For many Malaysians, Paddle Pop Moo ice cream remains a nostalgic childhood treat that brings back fond memories of enjoying the creamy goodness of the ice cream shaped like a cute cow.

2. The Marukawa Bubble Gum

Everytime the thought of having a piece of Marukawa Bubble Gum pops into my head, the first thing I remember is my mother telling me: “All that sugar is gonna make your teeth fall.”

Marukawa was a popular brand of bubble gum known for its colourful packaging and fruity flavours.

Furthermore, it came with a small surprise – a water activated temporary tattoo!

However, its availability in Malaysia has significantly declined over the years, and it has become increasingly difficult to find, unless you look for it online.

Marukawa is a Japanese product and has been around since 1947.

The company has been selling their bubble gum products outside Japan since 1957. Guess Marukawa in Malaysia is as old as Merdeka.

Regardless of its current availability in Malaysia, Marukawa Bubble Gum remains a nostalgic snack for those who enjoyed its fruity flavours and fun packaging.

3. Chickadees

Chickadees chicken snack was a popular snack in Malaysia known for its crunchy texture and savoury chicken flavour.

Its theme song was always a bop and kids would go wild whenever it came on during an advertisement break on TV.

Chickadees was under the Twisties brand in Malaysia. Both the Chickadees and Twisties snacks were part of Australia’s Smith’s Snackfood Company, back then.

Twisties started out under the General Foods Corporation, but its brand name was owned by the Smith’s Snackfood Company.

In Malaysia, Twisties is now under Mondelez International. Prior to that, it was under Danone and later Kraft Foods.

While Chickadees is no longer available in Malaysia, it is still widely sold in Australia under Snackbrands after they purchased it in 1998.

So if you have a craving for a slice of your childhood, you can always hop on a flight to Australia.

4. Pepsi Twist and Pepsi Blue

If you’re a die hard Pepsi fan, then you sure as heck still remember Pepsi Twist and Pepsi Blue.

These two were unique flavours introduced by Pepsi in 2000 and 2002.

Back in the day, after school had ended, there would always be that one aunty selling a nice refreshing cold cup right in front of the school gate.

The blue drink always turned your tongue blue while the lemony zesty flavour from the other could quench your thirst on a hot day.

While these flavours generated initial excitement, they also faced challenges sustaining their popularity and were eventually discontinued due to factors such as changing consumer preferences and market demand.

The product’s discontinuation was not specific to Malaysia but occurred globally.

Despite that, dedicated fans have expressed their desire to see the return of Pepsi Twist, and the company has acknowledged the interest.

5. Ding Dang, Tora, and Jojo

Before the modern Kinder joy surprise eggs became a thing here, Malaysians cherished their own snack-with-toy-inside: Ding Dang, Tora, and Jojo.

“Tora Datang Lagi” was its famous tagline, part of their television advertisements.

Ding Dang and Tora were produced by Kinos Malaysia, a company based in Johor.

As of 2020, Kinos Malaysia was still active on Facebook, however the page has been dormant since. Even their website is no longer accessible.

Some shops still carry Ding Dang and Tora, such as the Childhood Shop, known for carrying items from the good old days, including Happy Family and Old Maid card games.

Ding Dang, Tora and Jojo were a source of delight, and children often eagerly anticipated the chocolate snacks and the surprise toy hidden in the box.

These three snacks-with-a-toy-inside were a favourite among Malaysian children in the 80s and 90s.

The box would always come with a toy and bite-sized chocolate balls with a creamy milk-flavoured filling and would sometimes be covered in a colourful candy coating.

6. Cadbury Bytes

Back in the day, Cadbury had some of the most unique and tastiest snacks one could ever imagine.

Cadbury Bytes, a pillow shaped chocolate filled snack, was a hit among chocolate and wafer lovers.

Unfortunately, Cadbury Bytes became increasingly rare and eventually disappeared off shelves of the Malaysian market.

According to reports, Kraft Foods, which took over Cadbury in 2011, made the decision to discontinue the snack due to a focus on higher-margin businesses.

7. Wall’s Viennetta

Now this one may spark some good news for ice cream lovers.

While Wall’s Viennetta did experience a period of unavailability in Malaysia before, it did eventually make a comeback in 2019.

The exact reasons behind the disappearance of Wall’s Viennetta ice cream from the Malaysian market and its subsequent return are not widely known.

Its return to store shelves in Malaysia in 2019 brought much delight and nostalgic memories for those who grew up enjoying this classic ice cream dessert.

Its comeback has allowed a new generation to savour this beloved treat while bringing back fond recollections for those who missed it during its period of absence.

8. Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks

Ever gone on a date and worried about having bad breath? Well back in the day, Listerine (yes the mouthwash brand) had us covered.

Listerine Sheets were thin, dissolvable strips that contained the powerful minty flavour of Listerine mouthwash.

They were designed to provide a convenient and on-the-go breath freshening experience.

Listerine Sheets became a popular item among kids because of their unique format and strong peppermint flavour.

The challenge of keeping the sheet in their mouth without squirming from the intense taste became a test of their “adulthood” and tolerance for strong flavours.

While it can no longer be found in physical shops, our research found that online platforms such as Shopee still carry these delectable treats.

9. Horlicks Malties

Indeed, Horlicks Malties was a popular malt snack among kids in the past.

It offered a unique flavour profile due to the blend of wheat, barley, and whey, providing a taste that was different from other sugar-laden candies.

The presence of grains in the candy gave it a distinct flavour that was reminiscent of the malted drink.

However, the availability of Horlicks Malties declined over time, and it has become increasingly challenging to find them in physical stores.

Nevertheless, thanks to the rise of online stores and e-commerce platforms, it has allowed nostalgic snack enthusiasts to source these treats through online sellers.

10. Fruit-flavoured breath spray

Saving the best for the last, does anyone remember these delectable mouth sprays that tasted like fruit juices when sprayed? I sure do!

In order to freshen our breaths after indulging in keropok lekor and nuggets, I remember my friends and I forking out 20 cents from our pockets just so we could have fresher and tastier breaths.

Almost every kid I knew would opt for the child-friendly alternative of breath spray.

Having one of these handy in our pockets also gave us a sense of maturity.

We thoroughly enjoyed spraying it onto our tongues and experiencing the delightful flavours of sweet apple or strawberry.

While it didn’t provide the minty freshness we might expect, it certainly contributed to reducing instances of bad breath among students at school.

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