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From Malaysia With Love: Telaga al-Mukhlis Brings Hope To Afghanistan’s Earthquake Survivors

From Malaysia With Love: Telaga al-Mukhlis Brings Hope To Afghanistan’s Earthquake Survivors

Telaga al-Mukhlis is a well project that now provides clean water to the earthquake-affected community in Chang Kalo village, Herat.

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In the picturesque village of Chang Kalo, nestled in the hills of Herat, Afghanistan, a glimmer of hope has emerged from the rubble left behind by the devastating earthquakes of October 2023.

The tragic event claimed over 2,000 lives, injured thousands more, and left many villages in ruins, including those in Zindajan and Herat.

As the world watched in horror, the international community rallied to support the Afghan people in their time of need.

Among those who answered the call was Malaysia, a nation with a long history of providing humanitarian assistance to countries in crisis.

Quenching Thirst and Restoring Dignity

Through the Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Disaster Fund (TBKLN), a special project was initiated to bring clean water to the affected communities in Afghanistan.

The result of this collaborative effort is Telaga al-Mukhlis, a well project that now serves as a lifeline for 250 residents from 45 families in Chang Kalo village.

The well, equipped with a solar-powered water supply system, was officially launched by Dato’ Ahmad Azam Ab Rahman, the Special Advisor for Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction to the Malaysian Foreign Minister, along with a delegation from various Malaysian agencies.

The delegation, led by Dato’ Dr. Shazelina Zainul Abidin, Secretary of the Central Asia Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also witnessed the distribution of essential food supplies to 150 families in the Now Abad village, Zindajan, Herat.

Many of these families still live in tents provided by local and international NGOs, a stark reminder of the long road to recovery.

Malaysia’s Unwavering Commitment to Afghanistan

The story of Telaga al-Mukhlis and Malaysia’s ongoing humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan is a powerful reminder of the impact of compassion and generosity in the face of adversity.

Ahmad Azam, reflecting on the humanitarian efforts undertaken by GPM and other Malaysian NGOs in Afghanistan since the Taliban took control in 2021, emphasized the importance of reopening the Malaysian Humanitarian Centre in Kabul.

The centre, forced to close in 2023 due to a lack of funds, was crucial in coordinating Malaysia’s humanitarian assistance efforts.

The centre’s reopening would ensure that Malaysian aid reaches those who need it most and allow for a better assessment of the Afghan people’s current needs.

With two-thirds of the population still living in poverty, compounded by the threats of natural disasters, a struggling economy, and various other humanitarian challenges, the need for continued support is more pressing than ever.

GPM’s current mission in Afghanistan also includes distributing Qurans to female students at a madrasa in Jalalabad, providing educational support for orphaned children, and providing healthcare facilities.

As the Afghan people continue to rebuild their lives, the unwavering support from nations like Malaysia offers a beacon of hope and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. As fellow Muslim-majority nations, the two countries deeply understand the importance of solidarity and compassion in times of hardship.

Ahmad Azam on Malaysia and Afghanistan share a bond that goes beyond mere diplomacy.

Rebuilding Afghanistan: A Call for International Solidarity and Support

By extending a helping hand to the Afghan people, Malaysia strengthens the ties between the two nations.

It upholds the values of ‘ihsan’, or excellence in goodness, that lie at the heart of Islamic teachings.

The situation in Afghanistan today is a result of decades of conflict, political instability, and economic turmoil.

Years of war have left the country’s infrastructure in shambles, while the recent earthquakes have only compounded the suffering of an already vulnerable population.

As Afghanistan rebuilds itself after decades of conflict, political instability, and economic turmoil, compounded by the devastation of recent earthquakes, the international community must stand in solidarity with its people.

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