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Meet Pak Tam, UPM’s First Card-Carrying Four-Legged Student

Meet Pak Tam, UPM’s First Card-Carrying Four-Legged Student

The adorable cat even has its own student ID card with its picture and name.

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In a university that offers veterinary courses, there are bound to be a few cats on campus.

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But what’s unique about UPM is that it doesn’t just teach humans how to treat animals, but apparently, they are also accepting our furry friends as students. It would appear that one lucky furball is set to begin classes this semester as the university’s very first furry student.

The news was shared by @dakdung4 recently in which a stray cat named Pak Tam was pictured with his student identification card. The video garnered 315.2K views and 45.9 K likes at the time of writing.

(Credit: @dakdung4 / TikTok)

In the video, Pak Tam is seen obediently wearing a black collar with a bell on it. Together with the bell, you can see a DIY hand-made card, complete with a printed UPM logo, a student photo, a barcode and some other student details.

One side of the tiny handcrafted student card revealed Pak Tam’s name, student identification number, major, barcodes and also a small note saying “If this cat is lost, please return it to this address”. What do you know, the barcode is actually the location that Pak Tam needs to go to in case he’s missing.

Doktor Falsafah (phD) Dalam Bahasa Meow. That’s some phD he’s got there.
(Credit: @dakdung4 / TikTok)

It seems like Pak Tam is not a regular cat. He’s not some regular noob student either. That nonchalant guy is doing his PhD in meowing language. Bet your cat can’t even make it through the degree huh? It takes guts *stretches in cat* and perseverance *sleeps on a laptop* to use this smol mind, yknow.

We’ll admit that we’re kinda jealous

Netizens in the comments section were amused with Pak Tam’s intelligence. Some even joked about what course he took and warned him of the upcoming assignments that he was going to have to go through.

“What major are you in?”

“You look kinda stressed. Assignments piling up?”

“You gotta watch those pointers, bruh.”

“Ngl, his student photo looks better than mine…”

Actually, it’s not that easy for some to get into UPM and do their PhD. Some netizens grabbed this chance to express their envy.

“I used to apply to UPM and got rejected. But for you, it’s so easy to get in eh?”

“What kind of big cable you used to get accepted eh Tam?”

Well Pak Tam, we wish you the best of luck with your doctorate degree. Hope we can call you Dr Tam in a few years. Enjoy your student life!

Watch the full video here.

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