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[Watch] Naughty Cat Gets Cute DIY Diaper Thanks To His Spraying Shenanigans

[Watch] Naughty Cat Gets Cute DIY Diaper Thanks To His Spraying Shenanigans

Everyone should try this DIY diaper for their cats who love to pee everywhere.

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We all know the struggle of having a cat who pees everywhere in your house.

On the sofa, on the corner of the room, on the bed (especially on the bed!). They’ll find ways to mark their territory.

For us owners, this means having to neuter your cats (which doesn’t necessarily work), spraying citrus scent on the spots, washing the stain off your bed and many more.

But this creative Malaysian woman thought of an interesting idea to get her cat from spraying everywhere.

Behold! The DIY Cat Diaper!

This video of @pntukirah diaper-ing her cat garnered 1 M views and 63 K likes.

(Credit: @pntukirah / TikTok)

In the video, she used a facemask and a pantyliner to make a handmade diaper, XS size. 😂

Then she pasted the pantyliner on the mask and tied it to her cat’s bum. One earloop in front of the legs and another earloop to the tail. Then there you have it, a tiny diaper!

(Credit: @pntukirah / TikTok)

The diaper resulted in an adorable picture of the cat’s bum. It’s too cute to bear!

People find it both funny and smart

Most netizens find the video funny and helpful at the same time. A lot of them wanted to try this method to avoid their cats from peeing everywhere.

Hey, as long as it’s cost efficient and effective, why not?

“I’ll try this on my school cat. She loves to pee on people’s bags.”

What about the type of pantyliner though???

Some even joked that for this type of pantyliner, would they need the wings one or the non-wings one? That’s quite a serious problem for the lads.

“Please don’t give him the herbal cool ones, that poor thing”, joked one user.

So what do you think of it? Do you think it’ll work on your cats? Try it out and let us have a look!

Check out the full TikTok video here.

@pntukirah yang suka pancut merata dlm rumah, ni ubat dia 😂 #alammayateam #kaklincayang #newbie #bisnesonline #fyp ♬ dudada dudada – FUNNY

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