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Controversy Surrounds Daud Kim’s Mosque-Building Plans in South Korea

Controversy Surrounds Daud Kim’s Mosque-Building Plans in South Korea

While the news of a new mosque would typically be welcomed, some netizens have raised concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding Kim’s project.

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Korean Muslim YouTuber Daud Kim has sparked controversy with his announcement of plans to build a mosque in Incheon, South Korea, after purchasing land for the purpose. Kim, who boasts a substantial online following with 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.5 million on Instagram, made a public appeal for donations to support the project.

While the news of a new mosque would typically be welcomed, some netizens have raised concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding Kim’s project. Questions have been raised regarding the funding sources, timeline, vision, and structure of the proposed mosque. Critics argue that without clear planning and oversight, there is a risk of funds being misused or mismanaged.

According to Hype, while many of his Muslim followers expressed excitement at the prospect of a new mosque, others were more cautious, raising concerns about the legitimacy of the endeavour. Some suspected that the fundraising could potentially be a scam, prompting Korean Muslim content creator Ayana Jihye Moon to caution against donating money to personal accounts without thorough background checks.

Uncertainty amongst the Muslim Community

Moon also shed light on the regulations governing funding under private accounts for religious purposes in South Korea, emphasizing the importance of ensuring transparency in such transactions. Netizens echoed these sentiments, expressing concerns about the ease with which Kim acquired the land and referencing his past controversies.

In response to Moon’s post, Kim expressed confidence in his mosque-building plans, stating, “Just like I mentioned yesterday, if you can’t help me then carry on as you are,” in an Instagram story. Despite this, Moon has not made any explicit comments regarding Kim’s response, leaving the situation unresolved.

Adding to the controversy, influencer Farah Lee advised caution regarding Kim’s donation funds, highlighting difficulties in building a mosque in the area due to road conditions. Additionally, it was claimed that a popular Korean YouTuber had acquired land for a building, but not for religious purposes, further complicating the narrative surrounding Kim’s project.

The location of the land, situated in Unbuk-dong near Incheon Airport, has also raised eyebrows due to its remote and inaccessible nature. While the area may offer a cheaper price for land, concerns have been raised about its suitability for a mosque and the potential for the project to divert attention and resources from existing efforts by local Muslim communities.

Kim’s past controversies, including allegations of sexual assault, have also contributed to skepticism about his sincerity in undertaking this project. Despite this, Kim has emphasized his commitment to the mosque-building plans and has reportedly signed a land contract for the project.

In recent updates

The controversy surrounding Daud Kim’s mosque project in Incheon, South Korea, has deepened as new developments unfold. The Korea Muslim Federation (KMF) has clarified that the fundraising for the construction of the mosque has no affiliation with the organization and is solely Kim’s personal initiative.

As anticipated, the project has encountered a major setback, with reports indicating that the land contract has been cancelled. Kim attributed this development to another influencer who raised legal concerns and criticized his lack of transparency in the fundraising process.

In response to the transparency issue, Kim has released a statement acknowledging the controversy. He indicated that he will consult with his lawyer regarding the legality of receiving donations through a personal account. Kim has urged a temporary halt on further donations until the matter is resolved, stating that he was unaware that this would become an issue.

Furthermore, Kim has pledged to transfer the funds received into a corporate account to ensure transparency for this project and future endeavors. He admitted to being unfamiliar with Korean donation laws but emphasized that his actions were motivated by good intentions.

The future of Daud Kim’s mosque project remains uncertain as these developments unfold, underscoring the importance of transparency and adherence to regulations in fundraising efforts for such initiatives.

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