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How To Use The ‘SMART’ Lane When Driving On Highways

How To Use The ‘SMART’ Lane When Driving On Highways

Here are some tips on how to return home using the SMART Lane.

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Driving during festive seasons is no easy task. Be it before or after the festive celebration, the road can get a bit congested, increasing the possibility of getting into an accident on the highway. 

But did you know there are several features on the road that can help prevent that? The Emergency Lane on PLUS highway, for instance, allows drivers to utilise the lane at certain stretches. 

Credit: Choo Choy May/Malay Mail

Another feature is PLUS’s SMART Lane, which surprisingly many drivers are unaware of. 

What is PLUS’s SMART Lane? 

Yup, since 2019, The Smart Lane initiative has been implemented to ease traffic congestion in several locations along the PLUS highway. 

However, it was initially introduced on an assessment basis on the North Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) in 2019. 

It was introduced to smoothen movements along the Setia Alam route to the Shah Alam Toll exit during peak hours, opening all lanes including the emergency lane. 

Nidzam Aziz/Facebook

And since the test proved to be successful, the SMART Lane has been opened up at more locations along the PLUS highway. 

How to use the SMART Lane on PLUS highway? 

Now that we have established what the SMART Lane is – it is time for us to learn how to use the SMART Lane on the PLUS highway. 

As seen in the video by PLUS Malaysia Berhad, it is first crucial to pay attention to the yellow PENGAKTIFAN SMART LANE sign board that illustrates the open lanes and their applicable time. 

Once you do, be sure to move to the left-most lane when the path is clear to enter the SMART Lane. Then stay alert and keep a look out for other vehicles who may also be using the lane. 

While using the SMART Lane, also be sure to drive at the appropriate speed while looking out for other vehicles that may come in or out of the SMART lane. 

Since the SMART Lane uses the emergency lane, the lane is narrower – so best to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. 

When you then reach the end (TAMAT) point of the Smart Lane, give an early sign signal to switch to the slow lane. 

SMART Lanes open for CNY 

So, there you have it! We hope you found these tips to be helpful, especially those who are returning after their Chinese New Year celebrations. 


And just in case you are wondering, here are the SMART Lanes that will be open for use in conjunction with the CNY celebration;

  • Bandar Cassia to Sg Bakap Lay-by (KM155.3 to KM156.0 – South) – 700m – 17-18 February 2024 (2pm-7pm)
  • Gua Tempurung to Gopeng (KM306.7 to KM297.0 – North) – 9.7km – 8-13 February 2024 (10am-6pm)
  • Slim River to Sungkai (KM367.3 to KM354.0 – North) – 13.3km – 8-13 February 2024 (10am -6pm)
  • Sungkai (354.0 to KM356.0 – South) – 2.0km – 11-13 February 2024 (10am -6pm)
  • Rawang R&R to Sg. Buaya (439.5 to KM435.5 – North) – 4.0km – 8-13 February 2024 (9am-7pm)
  • Petron exit ramp, NKVE to Subang (KM11.2 to KM13.3 – North) – 2.1km – Daily except Saturday, Sunday and Holiday (6.30am -9.30am)
  • Nilai hingga Seremban R&R (KM280.0 to KM276.0 – South) – 4.0km – 8-13 February 2024 (8am-7pm)
  • USJ Overhead Bridge Restaurant to Seafield (KM6.1 to KM8.1 – North) – 2.0km – 8-13 February 2024 (8am -7pm)
  • Air Keroh to Kg. Bemban Lay-by (KM194.5 to KM184.0 – South) – 10.5km – 8-13 February 2024 (2pm -6pm)
  • Kulai to Senai (KM27.0 to KM19.0 – South) – 8km – 8-18 February 2024 (8am -6pm)
  • Senai to Kulai (KM19.0 to KM27.0 – North) – 8km – 8-18 February 2024 (8am -6pm)
  • Dato Onn to Pasir Gudang (KM4.5 to KM1.9 – South) – 2.6km – 8-13 February 2024 (9am to 7pm)

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