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RM120K Lottery Con In Sarawak Highlights Rising Scam Cases In Malaysia

RM120K Lottery Con In Sarawak Highlights Rising Scam Cases In Malaysia

The scammers claimed to have won a lottery ticket worth a staggering RM300,000, enticing the victim with the promise of a RM200,000 reward.

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In a heart-wrenching incident that sheds light on the growing prevalence of scams in Malaysia, a man in his 70s from Kanowit has fallen victim to a deceitful scheme, losing a staggering RM120,000 to three strangers who promised him a substantial reward.

This unfortunate incident is a stark reminder of the dangers of fraudulent individuals preying on unsuspecting victims.

Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Mohd Azman Ahmad Sapri said the victim was approached by two women and a man at a parking lot near a hotel in Kanowit on 7 November.

The suspects claimed to have won a lottery ticket worth RM300,000 and convinced the victim to assist them in claiming the prize money.

The victim, lured by the promise of an RM200,000 reward, agreed to hand over RM120,000 as an initial payment.

Trusting the words of the scammers, the victim accompanied them to Sibu, where they visited some forecast outlets to purportedly check the winning ticket.

Subsequently, they took the victim to two banks to withdraw RM119,000 from his savings accounts.

Shockingly, the victim handed over RM120,000 in cash to one of the female suspects.

After being sent back to Kanowit, the victim discovered the cruel truth when he realized no reward money had been deposited into his account.

The devastating consequences of this scam highlight the urgent need for increased awareness and vigilance among the public.

Online Fraud on the Rise in Malaysia

Malaysia has recently been grappling with a surge in scam cases, with online fraud becoming alarmingly prevalent.

From online sales to phishing and business email compromise scams, unsuspecting individuals have fallen victim to various fraudulent schemes.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani has expressed concern over the rising number of scam cases in Malaysia.

In 2019 alone, there were 13,703 reported scam cases involving losses of RM539 million.

This figure increased to 17,227 cases in subsequent years.

The impact of these scams extends beyond financial loss, causing emotional distress and shattered trust among victims.

The authorities have been actively working to combat these scams and raise awareness among the public.

The National Scam Response Centre (NSRC) has been established as a resource for victims of cybercrime, providing support and assistance.

However, individuals must remain cautious and exercise due diligence when faced with offers that seem too good to be true.

In light of this distressing incident and the rising trend of scams, Mohd Azman advises the public to be vigilant and not easily fall prey to dubious offers from unknown individuals.

He emphasizes the importance of not succumbing to greed and urges individuals to verify any offers before making financial transactions or sharing personal information.

By being cautious and proactive, we can collectively combat these scams and protect ourselves and our communities from falling victim to such heartbreaking incidents.

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