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Bus Driver Goes Viral For Leaving Late Passenger, Maraliner Explains

Bus Driver Goes Viral For Leaving Late Passenger, Maraliner Explains

The bus company has since responded to the incident with an official statement.

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A bus passenger is going viral after missing his bus at the Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKL). The male passenger who arrived a little late, missed his bus due to the driver ignoring him despite seeing him outside the vehicle. 

According to the TikTok clip, the passenger had arrived slightly late at the Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKL). His bus, however, was still at the station upon his arrival. Though it was already moving slowly, he managed to catch up with it. 


He was walking alongside the vehicle while knocking on the door multiple times. Yet, the driver would not let him in. And even after it proceeded to move at a faster speed, the man still ran to catch the bus. 

He only gave up when the driver reached the main road. 

This incident which was posted yesterday has since riled up the internet, with many netizens showing empathy for the passenger and frustration to the driver for not stopping. 


Users on TikTok felt the driver was being unsympathetic towards the passenger. Since the passenger was right outside the door, users felt that the driver could have stopped and let him in. 

Others were mad at the person recording the incident. Instead of capturing the incident on tape, some felt the individual could have instead asked the driver to stop for the passenger. 

Apology issued 

The virality of the incident has also since spurred an official reply from the bus company. The Chief Executive Officer, Zachary Ismail issued an official apology to the passenger on Facebook. 

“The management is sorry for the incident that happened to the passenger of the express bus MARALiner Kuala Terengganu to Melaka. We contacted the passenger involved yesterday to express our apologies and regret,” said Zachary in the statement. 


He continued to elaborate that an internal investigation had also taken place after the complaint was received. The driver, according to him, has been penalised for his actions. 

“MARALiner once again apologises to everyone and hopes that this kind of incident will not happen again in the future,” concluded Zachary.

What are your views on this incident? Do you agree that the driver should have stopped for the passenger? Or do you think he did the right thing? 

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