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Buyer Forced To Pay Extra RM1,841 For iPhone 11 Due To Loan

Buyer Forced To Pay Extra RM1,841 For iPhone 11 Due To Loan

The customer was charged an additional fee of interest along with the original base price.

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iPhones are undoubtedly among the best things to have ever been created. Users are not only offered innovative features but are also equipped with a certain sense of style. 

Having said that, it is crucial to not go over your means just to attain one. If not, things can get strenuous, especially for your wallet. Twitter user Xavier Naxa got recent evidence of this scenario. 

In a Twitter thread, he shared a digital receipt from a recent customer. The customer, according to his tweet, had made a loan of up to RM4,099 just to purchase the iPhone 11 (128 GB), which originally cost around RM2,199. 


“Taking up a loan up to RM 4,099 just for the iPhone 11 (128 GB). This is the heartfelt sharing of a buyer who complained because he had to pay installments of RM165 in advance for 36 months,” said Xavier in his tweet. 

This, in return, cost the customer an additional fee of RM1,841, which was charged as interest. In total, the customer had to pay RM5,940, which is a lot higher than the original price of an iPhone 11. 

Therefore, Xavier urges young customers to learn from this and not rush when getting an iPhone or any other mobile phone.


“Where is the brain that God has given? Remember, don’t take out a loan just to satisfy your lifestyle desires. 

“If you are hungry to get an iPhone, it is enough to buy a secondhand iPhone 11.”

He further explained that the price of an iPhone 11 (128GB) is around RM2,199. And since this model has been discontinued, one can actually get the newer iPhone 14 for that loan amount.

Xavier’s words do hold true. Though it is nice to have and enjoy the finer things in life, it is also instrumental to not go beyond our means to attain them. 

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