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Iban Kickboxing Boy “Schools” Big Bully In Sri Petaling

Iban Kickboxing Boy “Schools” Big Bully In Sri Petaling

The kickboxing fight initially started because the foreign guy was behaving like a bully and asked the Iban guy for a fight on the streets.

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Recently, videos of a kickboxing fight between two young men went viral on social media.

As reported by NST, the fight is believed to have happened on campus at the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), in Sri Petaling.

In the video, the two young men in kickboxing attire, believed to be students of the university were fighting in an organised fight.

According to the caption of the video, the man in the white shorts (who appeared to be of foreign nationality) is believed to have provoked the man in the black shorts (who’s apparently an Iban) previously. He picked on the Iban guy on the streets and asked him for a fight. Hence, they set up an organised kickboxing fight to truly “settle” it.

(Credit: Sarawak Viral News, Facebook)

In the video, the foreign man received tons of blows from the Iban guy and fell down a few times. He even ran away from him and pleaded for him to stop.

The Iban guy said that the man asked for it, for calling him out in the streets. He even held out his hand to help the foreigner up in order to continue the fight.

At the end of the fight, the Iban guy lectured the foreign man on respect and how to behave in public, while still giving him a few hits.

“Never disrespect someone on the street, Number 1.

“Number 2. Do you know who I am? The whole of East Malaysia knows who I am. You’re lucky you met me. If you meet people like this (Iban) and you do that on the road, you are dead my friend. This is a lesson for you today,” he said to the fallen bleeding guy.

You don’t think your body so big, that you come to a guy in the middle of the road, and shout, ‘Hey I wanna fight you’. In the whole Sri Petaling, who are you?

Anak Iban guy to the “bully”

If I flick my finger, you’ll disappear my friend. Stop drinking and stop disturbing people in Sri Petaling. Now get off the mat.

Anak Iban guy to the “bully”
(Credit: Sarawak Viral News, Facebook)

Before leaving, he also instructed the other people in the crowd to pick him up and attend to his injuries on the side.

Well, this seems like a scene straight out of the Karate Kid, isn’t it?

Just so you know, Anang Ngacau means “don’t provoke” (jangan kacau) in Iban, hence, that’s not his name. The names and details of both the fighters remain unknown.

Netizens applaud the Iban fighter

Following the viral video, a lot of people chimed in and expressed their thoughts in the comment section.

Some were amazed by the fight and applauded the Iban guy for teaching the alleged bully a lesson.

In fact, a lot of people said that the Ibans are people you shouldn’t be messing with as historically, they descended from a warrior tribe in Sarawak.

What’s so scary about the Ibans?

Ibans or the Sea Dayaks are native people of Sarawak. Despite their friendly demeanour and vibrant culture, one thing that people tread lightly on is the fact that they descended from a warrior tribe.

Not just any warrior tribe, a headhunting warrior tribe.

They dangle their enemies’ skulls like decorations. Not on purpose though. Although some view them as trophies, the Ibans truly believe that there were many spiritual benefits to be gained from the heads they took. Citing The Great Projects, they believed that the soul of the head would watch over the household from other evil spirits or threats. That’s why they often took the skulls of other fierce warriors.

Of course, they don’t do it anymore, and they’ve stopped collecting skulls long ago since the Brooke administration. But they still have the warrior blood in them. Somewhere in the veins, perhaps.

Apart from their warrior tribe name, they are also called the “Guardians of the Rainforest” as they know the ins and the outs of the forest they live in and know how to hunt for food in the wild.

Hey they even live with tons of crocodiles there, what makes you think you can mess with them and get away with it?

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