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Dr Rafidah Doesn’t Eat Canned Sardines, Twitterjaya Goes Wild

Dr Rafidah Doesn’t Eat Canned Sardines, Twitterjaya Goes Wild

Nephrologist Dr Rafidah Abdullah says there are good canned sardine products like the ones she usually buys in the UK.

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Dr Rafidah Abdullah’s name is once again the talk of Twitterjaya after she shared a series of tweets on her opinions on a Malaysian favourite, canned sardines.

The medical expert said she does not practise eating canned sardines because of the high salt and preservative content.

Many people asked me about sardines. I don’t eat canned sardines, let alone fried ones. Canned food has a lot of preservatives and salt. I usually only eat fresh fish, grilled of course. It’s true what many people think.

Dr Rafidah Abdullah

In the replies, Dr Rafidah added that while she “does not eat canned sardines”, there are good canned sardine products like the ones she usually buys in the United Kingdom (UK).

There are canned sardines that are okay. The ones I usually buy in the UK are okay. The important thing is to read the ingredients on the side. The ones we usually get in Malaysia, I don’t like.

Dr Rafidah Abdullah

She said this in response to Twitter user @__loveshak who said she Googled and found that canned sardines are healthy.

Another Twitter user asked the doctor to clarify if local canned sardines are not good.

The nephrologist replied:

Try to check the contents of the ingredients on the side of the can. You can make your own decision. Most of them are not healthy. For dialysis patients, absolute no to the ones in cans. There are a lot of phosphates.

Dr Rafidah Abdullah

However, many were not happy with Dr Rafidah’s opinion on Malaysia’s favourite comfort food.

Some netizens also linked Dr Rafidah’s comments with content creator Khairul Aming’s latest video featuring the menu of stir-fried sardine paired with poori that was shared on Thursday.

Twitter user @JatIkhwan asked:

Is this because Khairul Aming made poori with sambal sardine? #tanyaje.

@JatIkhwan via Twitter

Others also poked fun with jokes such as Twitter user @cheajibsayang who said:

I agree, doctor. I myself do not eat sardines in a can, I take them out first.

@cheajibsayang via Twitter

With much ado about sardine, whether related or not, we can’t say but sardine has become a much talked about subject on Twitter.

Lotus’s shared a photo of a canned sardine, with a caption that was worded almost like what Dr Rafidah posted but with a twist.

Ramai yg tanya saya pasal sardin. Saya makan sardin dlm tin; apatah lagi menggorengnya. Makanan dlm tin banyak preservatif dan garam. Biasa saya makan ikan fresh sahaja, grilled bila dapat gaji. Betul tanggapan ramai. Sardin ni kalau tak kenal… maka tak…

@LotussMalaysia via Twitter

Other brands to jump on the sardine bandwagon are our beloved Mydin Malaysia as well as Yeo’s.

Mydin Malaysia tweeted a picture of fresh fish with the caption:

Ada yang tak makan sardin tin? Boleh makan ikan. Yang penting bakar, baru sihat.

@MaydinMalaysia via Twitter

Yeo’s, on the other hand, tweeted a photo that pictured two types of canned sardines under their brand with the caption:

Jangan tak tau Yeo’s pun ada sardin, dikilangkan 11407km dari UK. Aci tak?

@yeos_my via Twitter

Are you guys going to break your fast with some delicious sardine sambal today?

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