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One Restaurant But 17 Different Names On Food Delivery Platforms?

One Restaurant But 17 Different Names On Food Delivery Platforms?

Based on checks, all 17 shops share the same address.

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Food delivery services have become a huge part of our lives and a significant part of a restaurant’s operations today.

One of the reasons consumers prefer to get their food delivered, apart from saving time and being more convenient, is the fact that you are given plenty of choices to browse.

However, Twitter user Farah Harith yesterday pointed out how one restaurant allegedly appears 17 times on a food delivery platform, all under different names.

While the menu remains the same, the names vary from Warung Indo, Sambal Sambal to Restoran Mohd Lim.

In the tweet, Farah also shared all the 17 different names of the restaurant, and truth be told the person who came up with the names sure had a blast using their creativity.

The Twitter user also stated that she had tweeted about this seemingly unethical practice and tagged the restaurant in question last year, but there was no response.

“Tweeted about them last year but kriik kriik. Now it’s up to 17 different names when it only used to be 3 or 4 names last time,” she said.

Many people reacted to the tweet by saying that they also noticed the same thing happening in their areas.

Another netizen said it is frustrating as he needs to scroll endlessly of the same restaurant before he can find some interesting food choices.

Some also said that the restaurant could use the concept known as cloud kitchen or ghost kitchen.

Another user shared that this was also happening on ShopeeFood.

Shopee responded to the user saying they will escalate the concern to the relevant team.

Cloud Kitchen/ Ghost Kitchen

Ghost kitchens, also known as dark kitchens, are commercial kitchens designed for third-party food delivery services.

These kitchens are situated in areas with high demand and lack a physical storefront. The staff prepares dishes from their menus for delivery, functioning as a digital storefront.

However, cloud kitchens are usually different operators operating from a central kitchen but with each selling their own items.

In the case of this tweet, all 17 names offer the same items.

It deserves a mention that ghost kitchens have different formats and one of it is multiple brands under one roof.

Eddy Burback, on YouTube made a video a year ago titled “The Deceptive World Of Ghost Kitchens”

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