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Toll Jumper Who Skipped Paying 59 Times Finally Caught And Fined RM256.20

Toll Jumper Who Skipped Paying 59 Times Finally Caught And Fined RM256.20

Netizens believe the driver got away too easily and the punishment should be more severe.

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Projek Lintasan Kota Holdings Sdn Bhd (Prolintas) recently caught another toll jumper.

On 15 October, Prolintas Kajang SILK posted that its highway personnel managed to catch a toll jumper who managed to skip paying 59 times!

The errant driver had to pay a total sum of RM256.20 including administration fees on the spot at the Kajang SILK highway.

In the same post, Prolintas advised members of the public not to avoid paying tolls.

The incident didn’t make netizens happy because they believe the driver got away with a light fine.

Some of them think the driver should be fined more than 5 times what he currently paid in order to teach him an expensive lesson.

On the other hand, a netizen said the punishment should be more severe such as putting toll jumpers in prison or hauling them to court on top of paying a fine.

A netizen believes a stronger punishment is needed because toll jumping can risk the safety of another driver, especially when they drive close to the car in front to skip paying the toll.

Others also suggested the relevant authorities catch more toll jumpers on other highways.

Why do people try to skip paying tolls?

Aside from trying to save money (or going extremely frugal), sometimes drivers can fail to pay the toll when they encounter technical difficulties at the toll plaza.

As seen in some videos, sometimes the payment system fails to work or the boom gate fails to open.

Hopefully, all these kinks are sorted out as we gradually move to a barrier-free toll system by 2025 or road users might face surprise fines.

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