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M’sia’s Highest Elevated Highway In Penang Littered In Less Than Two Weeks, MBPP Is Displeased

M’sia’s Highest Elevated Highway In Penang Littered In Less Than Two Weeks, MBPP Is Displeased

The new highway was only open for public usage two weeks ago.

Adeline Leong

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Malaysia’s highest elevated highway, the Bukit Kukus Paired Road, has been open to traffic since 13 January and litterbugs wasted no time to make their mark.

The Penang Island City Council (MBPP) posted a few photos on their Facebook page to highlight the littering problem and the danger posed by drivers on the road.

The cleaners have been instructed to clear out the unsightly rubbish all along the highway that was thrown by road users.

Image: Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang – MBPP

MBPP said they are disappointed by the irresponsible road users who litter without guilt and shame while driving.

Other than littering, road users have been parking by the roadside illegally to take pictures of the scenic view.

Stopping by the roadside on the highway does not only interrupt traffic flow but it’s also dangerous to the other road users.

These people who stopped to admire the scenic view add to the litter by leaving behind their rubbish too.

Netizens voiced their dissatisfaction too and blamed it on the low-class mentality of some Malaysians.

Some of them suggested the authorities catch the litterbugs using CCTV and fine the culprits.

A netizen added that the caught litterbugs should be made to pick up all the litter on the road as punishment too.

It’s sad to see that littering is still a recurring problem across the nation despite numerous public service announcements (PSAs) and civic classes.

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