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[Watch] Another Car Damaged By Falling Rubbish, Why Do People Throw Rubbish From High-Rise Buildings?

[Watch] Another Car Damaged By Falling Rubbish, Why Do People Throw Rubbish From High-Rise Buildings?

The rubbish bag thrown from Kompleks Pulau Mutiara landed on a car below and cracked the windshield.

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Somehow it isn’t easy to get everyone to do their part to keep public spaces clean. In another case of public dumping, a car outside a Penang flat had its windshield cracked after someone threw a bag of rubbish from above.

TikTok user Ridhwan (@ridhwan832) posted a video showing the extent of the damage to the car that was parked outside “No. 8 Kompleks Pulau Mutiara” that’s located along Gat Lebuh Macallum.

The pink rubbish bag tore upon impact and splattered curry on the windshield and bonnet. For the bag to crack the glass, there must have been some heavy items thrown out in it.

Screenshot from @ridhwan832/TikTok

Based on what’s said in the video, it’s believed the car owner plans to lodge a police report.

Netizens said something similar had happened to them before in other states. Although they complained to the authorities, nothing was allegedly done to solve the issue.

A common advice was installing CCTV to catch the culprit in action.

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Throwing items from a high-rise building has killed someone before

Haphazardly discarding rubbish from a high-rise building not only dirties up the environment but can also be very dangerous. Even if the rubbish thrown is small, the gravity can make the force of impact deadly.

In 2018, a 15-year-old boy named S. Sathiwaran died after he was struck by a chair that fell from the upper floors of the Sri Pantai flats. The boy was walking with his mother on the ground floor when the incident occurred.

Meanwhile in 2016, a 12-year-boy sustained serious head injuries after getting struck by a metal rod thrown from the upper floors of PPR Semarak.

Authorities such as the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) have tried to manage the issue which predominantly happens in low-cost housing flats (PPRs). Fines and notices did not deter irresponsible residents.

DBKL had tried installing safety nets at the Seri Pantai PPR but maintenance was costly as the net was overwhelmed with rubbish.

The alternative was to build concrete slabs on the outer walls of the flats to shield residents walking below. However, that is going to take time to build.

Why do people indiscriminately throw rubbish?

Some people living in high-rise buildings may feel too lazy to walk downstairs to throw their rubbish and find it easier to hurl it over the balcony.

Some might also be mentally unwell, but some people also do it because they can. Sometimes the people who publicly litter believe there are other people to pick up after them.

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