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Should Guests Help Pay For A Couple’s Wedding Reception? Some Think It’s Fair

Should Guests Help Pay For A Couple’s Wedding Reception? Some Think It’s Fair

A couple, believed to be based abroad, has asked guests to help pay for the wedding buffet instead of giving wedding gifts and it drew split reactions online.

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Everyone knows the cost of throwing a wedding reception is high, especially for Asian weddings.

This is largely because couples feel forced to throw big celebrations else they are labelled as stingy or poor.

It’s also not helpful when family members are more worried about what other people might say.

Signs of changing times?

The high cost incurred while throwing a lavish wedding party has also led some couples into debt and the end of their marriage when the financial strain becomes too much post-wedding.

These cautionary tales have gradually opened the eyes of other couples who plan to get married.

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While not many dared to go against societal norms, some couples are starting to opt for smaller wedding receptions and spending within their means despite what their families and friends might say.

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However, there’s always a flipside to any good thing. The want to save wedding costs has led one or two couples to ask guests to pay for their wedding reception.

Is it fair to ask guests to pay for a couple’s wedding reception?

Recently, TRP shared a post where a couple, believed to be based abroad, requested guests to pay for the wedding buffet instead of giving wedding gifts.

The post drew split reactions from netizens since the practice is still largely unheard of in Asian weddings.

In the comments, some netizens said the practice is agreeable and they have no issues following the couple’s wishes since it’s their wedding.

Netizens added that they don’t mind paying for the reception if the sum is reasonable and that it’s better than giving a gift the couple doesn’t want.

They also pointed out that the practice of paying for the couple’s wedding reception is not that different from the Chinese wedding customs.

In Chinese weddings, a red packet or ang pau is traditionally given to the couple to help mitigate a small part of the wedding cost.

However, it’s something that’s given and not asked for or demanded, and guests are free to give any amount they’re comfortable with.

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For illustration purposes. Image: Sergio Capuzzimati/Unsplash

On the flip side, others said it’s not right to ask guests outright to help foot the bill. They believe the couple shouldn’t get married or at least hold a party among family members only if they cannot afford it.

Meanwhile, some people are more sympathetic and said guests can choose not to attend if they don’t feel like helping the couple financially.

They added that the wording on the invitation card could have been better because the idea was rationally sound.

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