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Are Weddings For The Bride & Groom Or For The Parents? Netizens Weighed In

Are Weddings For The Bride & Groom Or For The Parents? Netizens Weighed In

Weddings are supposed to be fun until you add the expenses and family drama into the equation.

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Weddings. They are supposed to be blissful and happy, right? Wait till you think about the expenses. Yikes.

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People can plan their weddings however they want and can afford as long as it’s a celebration of love and family. If you’re on a budget, then do a small ceremony. If you have the resources and wish for your dream wedding, then go ahead, splurge all you want (but don’t forget the Covid-19 SOPs still).

However, too much splurging can cost you quite a fuss in the future. Marriage should be a happy union. Not a till debt to us part kinda union. Right?

Recently, a Twitter user, @magmalaya has shared his thoughts on the costs of a Malay Muslim wedding these days.

He expressed that marriage is actually easy. As long as you follow the syarak (law) in an Islamic marriage, then you can get married easily. The wedding cost should be minimized as that’s the most pressing financial matter. A wedding with a budget of around RM30k is quite costly. People should save it to buy more important stuff, go on a honeymoon or even use it as a downpayment.

To his tweet, a lot of netizens commented and weighed in their opinions on the matter.

One person agreed that marriage is indeed simple. The complicated part is just the traditions and customs.

Some were agreeing too saying weddings are too costly not because of their wants but because of their parents’ wants. It’s actually no problem at all if they’re the ones paying it, but it is a problem if they just let their sons or daughters bear the expense of them wanting to see their extended families and friends.

One person even joked that a wedding is just your parents’ reunion sponsored by their future son-in-law. This is because, usually, the dowry from the groom in most Malay marriages is used to cover the wedding reception of the bride’s side.

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Another user shared that a couple should be prepared for other costs of marriage apart from the wedding cost, such as their children’s education. They said if you’re thinking long and hard about marriage expenses, think about this too.

(Credit: @adibhazlami / Twitter )

However, Not Everyone Agrees That Going Big Is Not Worth It

There’s nothing wrong in doing a grand wedding reception if you have the money for it as they’re not just for show, they’re actually just an occasion for long lost people to finally meet again.

People might have not have seen their friends and family since forever and this reception is how they make up for all those stolen moments.

One user explained that actually, one wedding reception is like one precious get-together. You can never know when you, your friend or your family member are going to die. That’s why we should make the best of it.

Another person also doesn’t mind a big and costly wedding. His perspective is that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if you can do a big wedding. You can also help small businesses make some income during your wedding, and share in the joy together.

All in all, big or small, it’s just depends on how much the bride or groom can handle. It may be for a long awaited reunion but being in debt because of too much unnecessary splurging is going to be a problem one day.

Moderation is key, they say.

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