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[Watch] American Woman Likes Malaysian Culture Because Adults Can Order “Milo Ais”

[Watch] American Woman Likes Malaysian Culture Because Adults Can Order “Milo Ais”

TikTok user Abby, who’s an American, said adults in the US are encouraged to only drink coffee or tea to look like “cool adults.”

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TikTok user Abby’s recent video admiring how Malaysians do not care what drinks anyone orders while hanging out has baffled some minds.

Abby started praising Malaysians because it was alright for a grown adult to order a Milo drink while hanging out at a mamak, during a business meeting, or on a first date.

She explained that back in the United States, they are encouraged to order “adult” drinks like coffee or tea. A hot chocolate drink is allegedly seen as a “kids” drink there.

@abby__is__happy Malaysia is so chill its notmak for afults to orfer chocolate milk. (Milo ais). And i love that. Whar do you get? I usuallu do kopi o ais kosong. 😭 #drinks #minum #drinking #mamak #yamcha #business #culturalexchange #travelmalaysia ♬ original sound – Abby

In another video, Abby shared how she got a funny look from her friend when she was drinking a lightly coloured coffee. She mixed her coffee with soy milk, resulting in a light and milky drink. Her friend wrinkled her nose and thought she was drinking chocolate milk.

Abby said that interaction with her friend stayed with her. It also made her wonder why adults in the US couldn’t enjoy a chocolate drink anymore and why they needed to look like “cool” adults with coffee or tea in hand.

@abby__is__happy Replying to @Mars yep drinking chocolate milk is weird in the usa for adults. 😭 #chocolatemilk #travel #malaysia ♬ original sound – Abby

Netizens in the comments found the “cultural” differences bizarre. Someone jokingly said if they drank Vitagen, their friends would want a sip too.

Meanwhile, another netizen said the locals would even order Ribena drinks without worries about being judged.

It’s clear Malaysians love their food and drinks a lot and would not sacrifice their taste buds to look cool.

Netizens told Abby that she’s allowed to drink what she wants to drink and there’s no such thing as a grown-up drink.

The hang-up about having only coffee and tea also unfairly singles out people who have caffeine intolerance.

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