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Twitter Goes Wild Over Malaysian Student In UK Expressing Views On Nightclub Afterparty

Twitter Goes Wild Over Malaysian Student In UK Expressing Views On Nightclub Afterparty

The student was not happy that the Malaysian Society Club in one of the UK universities was organising an afterparty at a nightclub.

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A Malaysian student’s TikTok video where she expressed her views on a recent afterparty organised at a university in the UK has ruffled online feathers. Netizens felt the student, Aisyah, was imposing her religious views.

According to her TikTok video, the Malaysian Society Club (MSOC) in one of the UK universities was planning for their annual Malaysian Games (a sporting event). 


For this year’s event, the club wanted to organise an afterparty for the first time. As such, they invited all of their Malaysian members, including the Muslim students to participate if they would like to. 

Aisyah, who got the news of this, was not pleased as she found it disrespectful. She noted that the organisers were insensitive for inviting the Muslim students since the afterparty was being held at a club. 

“The activities at this afterparty misalign with Islamic practice. And so inviting all participants including Muslims to the event has a disrespectful tone. Furthermore, clubbing, drinking, and partying have never been Malaysian culture. 

“We have our own means of celebration and entertainment. So, why indulge in activities that aren’t even part of our culture to begin with. It’s not a very good look,” she noted. 

She then concluded her statement by urging all her fellow overseas Malaysians to not partake in such activities. 

Accused of ignorance 

The majority of netizens have strongly disagreed with her remarks. While they respect her Islamic beliefs, many did not agree with how she went about articulating them. 

Online users felt that she was imposing her views on the members of the club, as the afterparty was not compulsory for the members. 

Other netizens accused her of being ignorant about Malaysian culture. They felt she was only considering local Malay culture as the main culture.

Contrary to her belief, alcohol is an integral part of other races’ culture in Malaysia. Tuak, for instance, is a part of Sabah and Sarawak festive culture. 

Alcohol is also a part of the local Chinese community’s festive celebrations. During the Chinese New Year celebration, it is very common for hosts to provide their guests with alcohol during open houses. 

Not being inclusive

But there were other netizens who sided with Aisyah’s views. Considering that it is a Malaysian society club, they felt that the club should have organised a party that was inclusive to all races. 

Since there was alcohol involved and it was held at a club, users felt that it was discriminatory towards the Malaysian Muslim community. 

Others felt that the Malaysian club should not have made this an official event. Instead, they believe the event should be a personal one. 

But what are your thoughts on this? Do you think Aisyah was imposing her religious views on others? Or do you think the club should have been more inclusive toward their Muslim members? 

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