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Netizens Disgusted With American Couple For Not Showering 3 Days Straight 

Netizens Disgusted With American Couple For Not Showering 3 Days Straight 

The couple reasoned that it was because of the hotel’s “yellow water”.

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An American couple has gone viral on social media after admitting to not showering for three days straight. The couple confessed to it in their travel vlog, which was reposted on X (Twitter). 

As seen in the video, the couple were in Penang for a holiday trip and they had roamed around the city for three days. 

But despite checking into a hotel, the pair revealed that they had not showered for three days straight due to the shower water in their hotel being too “yellow”. 

It was presumably because they did not want to risk any health complications showering with the water. 

Yet, the pair still decided to continue with their trip, traveling to the Penang ferry station to Langkawi. In fact, the duo even stopped for a meal at a KFC outlet. 


“Don’t know why there is a full jar of mayo in my burger. Still not showered. Still profusely sweating but that’s showbiz,” the female influencer can be heard saying. 

Upon reaching Langkawi, the duo still refused to shower and even went straight to lie on the bed of their hotel before visiting the beach for dinner. 

Only after reaching the hotel at night did they shower. 

Disgusted with their antics 

Netizens, especially Malaysian ones, were taken aback by the antics of the tourists. Local users were indeed disgusted with the fact that they knowingly chose not to shower.

“Not showered for 3 days in Malaysia. And have the audacity to comment about the water & the hotel room. I can smell the kepams & the bachin – ness,” tweeted one user. 


Another online user chimed in with their confusion. 

“I don’t understand their logic. “I’d rather be dirty than shower under dirty water” which to be honest isn’t dirty, just rustic. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t drink it. 


“Don’t trust that then buy mineral water. They be giving excuses for being too lazy to shower,” tweeted online user @bairuoyaoz. 

Other users expressed their sympathy for the passengers who had to sit beside them on the bus and the ferry. 


Originated from last May 

Interestingly though, the clip is actually almost a year old. It was originally posted on TikTok on 25 May last year by the duo – Claire and Peter. 

Both of them are supposedly travel content influencers, who document their travel across the globe on TikTok. 


excited to check out langkawi!!!!!!!

♬ Au Revoir – Sweet After Tears

Regardless, the clip has since gone viral, gaining over 4.9 million views and 356,8k likes on the platform. 

Take care of yourself

That said, it is best to not adopt their habits of not showering especially with the ongoing heatwave in Malaysia. 

A heat wave is when a maximum temperature of above 37°C is recorded for three consecutive days. 

As such, it is advisable to follow the health care guidelines (down below) to maintain good health through this hot season. 

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