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More Than Just A Gift: The Gift Of Time

More Than Just A Gift: The Gift Of Time

The Tissot PRX takes inspiration from the classic era of the ’70s, but transcends the barriers of time.

Anne Dorall

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As the end of the year creeps up way too quickly on us, our days fill up with people to see and places to be.

After all, after more than a year of lockdowns, Malaysians are starting to feel a lot more comfortable meeting people in-person again. This year’s year-end holidays are tinged with a hint of stark relief, nostalgia, and zeal; to see the people you’ve not seen for a while, separated by distance, a pandemic– or time.

Time, or timeless?

The past two years, time has been a muddled affair. Instead of days, weeks, and months, our years were punctuated and disrupted by lockdowns, which stamped a hard pause on society.

Did you try to throw a party in your living room in front of a laptop screen? We did.
(Credit: Tissot)

So many of us took our time for granted. How many times did we say we would take that vacation next year, or visit that new restaurant next month, or get a haircut the next day, taking our future and our time for granted?

So what better way to remind others of the precious time we have each day than a beautiful representation of time?

It’s time to show gratitude

Which is why this year, more than ever, it’s important to show gratitude. To appreciate those that we still have, the ones that we can see, and the time that we have. This is the year to give the gift of time.

And the Tissot PRX Automatic is the perfect gift for any stylish man in your life.

No matter where you go, the PRX Automatic stays pairs well with anything.
(Credit: Tissot)

While the design takes its inspiration from the hey-day of the ’70s, the timepiece itself is a timeless classic with its sleek tapered case made of polished steel and satin finishes.

The steel design is paired with three classic colours: choose from a deep royal blue, sophisticated black, or a classy rose gold and silver dial with a fun embossed, chequered pattern.

The watch itself is unwavering in its track of time with a mechanical self-winding movement, as the Powermatic 80 calibre provides 80 hours of reserve power.

The watch will pretty much never stop.
(Credit: Tissot)

Not only that, its slender silhouette also makes sure to complement the outfit seamlessly. Unlike other bulky models, this watch can slip under a shirt cuff or jacket sleeve without unsightly bunches of fabric, which can ruin the carefully curated look.

So go ahead with the perfect gift

For that person in your life whose presence transcends time, there’s no better gift. Whether it’s your uncle whose life advice changed your future, or your best friend who has been there since the beginning, their part in your life deserves the most heartfelt appreciation.

Sleek steel for a sleek steel man.
(Credit: Tissot)

The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 is now available now for RM2,800 for the blue or black dial with steel accents, and RM2,900 for the silver dial with rose gold accents.

To find out more about the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80, visit their website or official Facebook page.

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