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Why it’s totally okay to do nothing this weekend

Why it’s totally okay to do nothing this weekend

Whenever there’s a weekend, long or not, it often quickly gets filled up with “things that have to be done”.

This can range anywhere from meeting an old friend, visiting relatives, checking out an event, or even just laundry at home.

For a lot of people, the weekend quickly becomes tiring with obligations and trying to fit in as many things as possible.

So whether or not you’re an introvert, here are some reasons for doing nothing the next time you feel bad for “being lazy”.

1. Much-needed rest

Our brains work non-stop all week. In fact, this actually includes all the time we spend on our phone! Using our phones stresses out the brain and doesn’t allow it time to chill.

Therefore, it’s super important that we take that time to do nothing so we can relax and refresh the mind.

Plus, you can catch up on that sleep debt.

2. Me-time

Yes, you-time. Which means for once you get to call the shots and decide on what you want to do and not feel guilty about it.

A lot of people unintentionally work their lives around others by putting other people’s needs in front of their own.

Think about it: do you not consider your parents, your significant other, your friends, or even your children, before you do things for yourself?

What about the things you want to do, too?

3. Increased creativity and productivity

I know, sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it! But once you’ve given yourself a chance to reboot your brain, you’ll find energy and joy to start on all these personal projects you love.

It could be finishing a book, going for a swim, or even cleaning up the house KonMari-style, but after a good rest you will definitely have more energy to do the things you really want to do.

4. Spontaneous activities

Or revel in the wondrous possibilities of an empty weekend and simply do whatever you feel like, no matter how “absurd” it may be.

If you wake up and think, hey it would be cool to go to the beach today, what’s stopping you from packing a towel and driving down to Port Dickson? Or taking a long stroll at the Butterfly Park in Lake Gardens? Or dancing naked in the rain? (Actually, please don’t do that.)

Let your inner child through and just enjoy the time to yourself!

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