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Actually Ah, What Is Malaysian Culture? These Tweets Have The Answers

Actually Ah, What Is Malaysian Culture? These Tweets Have The Answers

Folks on Twitter shared what constitutes as Malaysian culture to them.

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Last week, a Malaysian student’s video on TikTok went viral in which she said drinking was not a Malaysian culture.

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This led to a heated debate amongst social media users and one Twitter account posed a question, asking followers: What is Malaysian culture actually?

The tweet went viral and many shared what they feel is “Malaysian culture”.

Respecting other cultures

Malaysians are known to respect each other despite differences in culture, religion, and background.

That is why each festivity, whether it is Hari Raya, Chinese New Year or Deepavali, it is celebrated together.


Food has always been a major Malaysian factor. This is because Malaysia is one of the countries that is unified by food.

Being a multicultural country, the cuisine in Malaysia also has its diversity.

From Nasi Lemak to Roti Canai and Chicken Rice, food is a sentimental factor for Malaysians.


Only Malaysians have the special talent of using the same word, which can have different meanings just by changing the intonation of the word while speaking.

An example is the words “Weh,” “Bro,” and “Cha.”

These words can be used to greet one another, to show excitement and shock, and sometimes even anger.

“Cuba try”

The phrase “cuba try” is very uniquely Malaysian.

The combination of cuba, a Malay word and try, an English word, of which both share the exact same meaning, is a very Malaysian thing to say.

For some reason, the phrase has become so widely used that it actually feels incomplete when you just say cuba on its own.

Malaysian Timing

Malaysian timing directly translates to our “fondness” for tardiness. For example, when the meeting is at 8pm, there will be some who will arrive only after 8.

Sometimes, some people even state the timing of an event or a meeting an hour earlier, knowing that there will be people arriving late.

Mamak Restaurant

Mamak restaurants have a special place in our hearts. This place does not only offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper; it is also frequented for many other reasons.

It is a place for many people to meet up with their friends, indulge in me time over a cup of tea or coffee and to watch football.

Mamak restaurants have also seen many dates and many breakups.

Another signature culture that can be seen in Mamak restaurants is the invention of the “bungkus mangkuk”.

This is where one orders a drink, and the drink is served in a plastic, which is then placed inside a bowl.

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