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The Sky Turned Green In Sungai Besar Last Night, Here Are 2 Possible Reasons On How It Happened

The Sky Turned Green In Sungai Besar Last Night, Here Are 2 Possible Reasons On How It Happened

The sky over Sungai Besar, Selangor, temporarily changed to bright green yesterday and shocked some residents.

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Residents of Sungai Besar, Selangor, got a surprise last night (24 October) when the night sky temporarily turned bright green.

A netizen said it looked like the sky moved with some saying it was like looking at an aurora. Facebook user Man Toya posted a picture of the sky around 8.30pm.

There are two possibilities as to why the sky turned green

Some people said it was the green lights used by the fishing boats at the sea nearby to catch squids.

However, another netizen said it was impossible because he saw the green sky in front of his house where the roads are. He claimed that the sea was situated behind his house and the sky wasn’t green there.

The other reason can be explained by science. Sometimes, thunderstorms and thunderclouds produce ice or hail that can scatter light in the sky. This can make clouds appear in different colours.

Since it has been raining for the past few days, the second explanation is plausible too.


Regardless of the cause, netizens wasted no time to add in their take on the rare event.

A netizen alluded that it was the DC Comics character Green Lantern arriving.

Meanwhile, another person jokingly said aliens finally got bored of visiting the United States and decided to visit Malaysia.

If the green sky phenomenon happens often enough, Malaysians might not need to travel all the way to Iceland to watch the aurora either.

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