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Malaysians Marveled At The Emerald Green Skies Over Pulau Pangkor

Malaysians Marveled At The Emerald Green Skies Over Pulau Pangkor

Squids are attracted to bright blue and green light.

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Netizens marvelled at how the heavens had glowed an enchanting emerald green when Twitter user zareen shared surreal snapshots of the nights’ sky she took off the coast of Pulau Pangkor in Perak.

Wondering what on Earth was going on, zareen along with many others on the internet questioned whether the viridescent scene was something natural or entirely out of this world.

Many had attributed the phenomenon to the aurora borealis or more commonly known as the Northern or Southern lights that occur when the sun’s particles hit our planet’s upper atmosphere and create spectacular flashes of light in the sky in some parts of the world.

But, as it turns out, the celestial sight is actually created by people catching calamari.

Squid jigging or “candat sotong” as we locals call it, is normally carried out at night.

For centuries, fishermen have been using bright lights in order to illuminate the water and attract squids from the sea depts up to the surface.

Back in the old days, people used to do this with simple nets and fishing rods or on small boats with flame-lit torches and oil lamps. 

But nowadays, bigger vessels and bright LED lights have taken over the trade, and along the way, anglers discovered that squids are especially lured in by blue and green coloured light.

(Credit: Full Belly Travels via YouTube/ Zharif Aziz via JejakKauLa)

In Malaysia, squid season comes along around the months of April and August, and every season, fishermen and tourists would venture out to sea in the search for these elusive invertebrates swimming in our oceans.

zareen’s curiosity inspired other Malaysians to share their own magical snapshots of greenlit skies over the country’s coastlines.

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