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“Honk To Wish Me Happy Birthday” Amusing Sibling Birthday Prank Warms Hearts Of Many

“Honk To Wish Me Happy Birthday” Amusing Sibling Birthday Prank Warms Hearts Of Many

The woman in the video seemed frustrated from all the honking but she didn’t realize they were all just wishing her a happy birthday.

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Some say that your siblings are your best friends. They’re there to help when you get scolded by your parents, they’re there to laugh when you fall, and they’re there for you to confide in when things get tough.

But real siblings are the ones who will prank each other when they’re kids. The feeling of revenge to get back at them, that’s what makes it a truly exciting sibling relationship.

Speaking of childish behaviour, this group of siblings seems to be reliving their childhood days by pranking their big sister on her birthday.

Siblings did a “honking” birthday prank

Just recently, a TikTok user (@izzahanuar52) in Seremban uploaded a video of her pranking her big sister on her birthday yesterday (3 October). The video went viral with 2.8M views and 214K likes at the moment of writing.

In her video, she also thanked the people of Seremban for being so outgoing. She also apologized if they were given a menacing stern look by her fierce big sister.

She and her little sister put a sign on the back of their eldest sister’s car saying, “It’s my birthday today, honk 3x to wish (me) a happy birthday”.

(Credit: @izzahanuar52 / TikTok)

The eldest had no idea of their doings and just drove her car nonchalantly. However, when a few cars started honking at her, she was surprised and bewildered as to what was happening.

In confusion, she asked them what was wrong.

“Is it my driving? What did I do wrong? Is something there at the back of my car? What is it? I’m driving as competent as I can! Eh, come on, what’s wrong with these guys?!” expressed her in frustration during the whole car ride.

Dissatisfied with the constant honking, she even removed her car’s window shade to give the other drivers that honked her car the bombastic side-eye.

She’s one fierce woman that’s for sure!

(Credit: @izzahanuar52 / TikTok)

However, when they reached their destination, she finally got out of her car to see what was wrong. Well, turns out her childish sisters played a prank on her for her birthday.

Instead of taking it to heart, she laughed and jokingly scolded them for the cheeky surprise. Then everything clicked in her head and she felt sorry for those drivers she viciously stared down at.

@izzahanuar52 Terima kasih warga Seremban🫡🌹 Happy Birthday kak @Idayu Husain 🎂 Dah meningkat usia, jangan marah2 lagi orang hon😂😂😂😭😭😭#fyppppppppppppppppppppppp #fypシ #berandatiktok #berandafyp #ambiltahu #birthday #birthdayprank #birthdaygirl ♬ original sound – SNIA_5535

Netizens are torn

The video was reposted on Twitter by (@localrkyt) and netizens began to express their thoughts in the comment section.

Some people find it amusing and love seeing the bond of three siblings even though they’re adults.

They even think it’s heartwarming to see other strangers wishing their sister a happy birthday.

However, some people also don’t agree with the prank. Although they don’t fully condemn the prank, they said to be careful to not make it a habit as it could make their sister stressed.

They suggest to tell her about the sign first so she won’t be as stressed when anyone honked her. Instead, she’ll feel happy and touched.

Pranks are sometimes funny, but they should not be over the limit

There have been lots of pranks that went viral on social media these past few years.

Some of them are innocent and harmless, and that’s okay.

But to those who fully dedicate their time to pranking others, sometimes it can be dangerous.

There have been cases of financial loss, injury and even fatal ones that were caused by a mere prank.

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One should always remember not to take their prank to the next level as it might not only cause harm to the victim but other people in the vicinity as well.

Some characteristics of excessive jokes or pranks are:

  • scaring or making people feel anxious
  • spreading shame
  • causing harm and hurting the victim
  • causing financial loss

Remember, joking and fooling around is not a crime. But don’t take your pranks too far. You can even be slapped with a legal action.

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