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[Watch] Perak Boy Forced To Keep Jogging With Mum’s Rotan “Monitoring” Close By

[Watch] Perak Boy Forced To Keep Jogging With Mum’s Rotan “Monitoring” Close By

The mother followed her son on a motorcycle while wielding a rotan to make sure he completes his exercise routine in Kampar.

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Finding the motivation and drive to work out for our health can be hard. However, a mother in Perak might have just cracked the code.

In a bid to encourage her son to lose weight, a woman in Kampar was caught on video trailing beside her son with a “rotan” cane as he jogged along a sidewalk.

The woman slowly rode on the motorcycle beside her son and a cane could be seen protruding near the left side mirror.

It could be assumed that the boy had refused to jog or run at some point and the mother used the cane to get him going.

@farhinjeffry semangat dik , hidup ni keras mcm rotan yang mak kau bawak tu 🤣 #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #masukberanda ♬ Jiwa Yang Bersedih – Ghea Indrawari

This drew hilarious comments from netizens who also praised the mother for her dedication to ensuring her son’s good health.

Netizens said while the cane was “old school style training,” a mother is a child’s best coach. They said the boy will thank his mother one day although he feels like he’s suffering right now.

According to a netizen, the mother and son could be seen doing the exercise rounds in the area every evening.

On another note, exercising daily is not enough to maintain a healthy body. The exercise routine must be complemented with a balanced and healthy diet to achieve a stronger body.

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