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Lily The Cat Makes The Purrfect Wedding Ring Bearer

Lily The Cat Makes The Purrfect Wedding Ring Bearer

Lily the white cat stole the wedding spotlight when she stood obediently still in the RC car, bringing the rings to the bride and groom.

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With purrs and whiskers, she catwalked down the aisle.

Meet Lily, the bride and groom’s obedient and beloved cat, stealing the spotlight on their wedding day on 9 September.

The wedding of Rahul and Ayuni, two orthopaedic surgeons first got attention when Malaysian TV host, Fedtri Yahya shared his post on Twitter about the MC script he got to prepare as their wedding emcee.

(Credit: @hafizkhrlashr_, @fedtriyahya/ Twitter)

In his post, he shared a part of the script where he has to invite the bride and groom’s beloved cat, Lily to enter the hall bearing their rings. He said this was something quite new to him, as he had never come across a furry-tailed ring-bearer before.

He then posted a video of Lily entering the hall that night on his TikTok account and it went viral with 2 M views and 228.6 K likes at the time of writing.

In the video, it showed Lily, a white long-haired cat in her pink ribbon and cat harness sitting obediently still in a silver remote-controlled car. The harness seemed to be tied to the steering wheel and that might be the reason why she didn’t go anywhere. That or she was just awesomely trained. Maybe there’s a treat somewhere in the bride’s dress, who knows?

(Credit: @fedtriyahya/ TikTok)

Although she paced up and down the seat, she still composed herself calmly and elegantly when the car went down the aisle with the ring attached to the bonnet. The car with the cat both went down the aisle and stopped in front of the bride and groom, where another usher took the box of rings an gave it to them.

Lily also appears to be an odd-eye-cat or a cat with heterochromia, a health condition that makes each of the eyes have different colours. In this case, Lily has one blue eye and another yellow eye.

@fedtriyahya Sesuatu yang unik di resepsi perkahwinan Dr Ayuni & Dr Rahul… Kucing kesayangan mencuri tumpuan 😀 #lily #cat #ringbearer ♬ original sound – Ahmad Fedtri Yahya

Although she looked like someone who’d run away at first sight of fame, she impressively stayed through the whole walk! That’s a feline who knows how to execute the task purrfectly!

Besides that, with her white coat and pink ribbon, Lily also bears a little resemblance to the cartoon kitten, Marie, in Disney’s The Aristocats film in 1970, if you guys remember.

(Credit: @fedtriyahya/ TikTok, Disney Wiki Fandom)

Netizens loved the confidence!

A lot of people reacted to the video and expressed their amusement in the comment section.

Some were surprised at how obedient and well-behaved Lily was.

Others said that if this was Oyen, surely the ring wouldn’t made it to the front. It’s gonna be chaos.

Some even pictured how their cats would react if they attempted to do this. One user said her cat would just poop all over the place. Another said her cat would run away as fast as Usain Bolt if given that much attention. One more user said that her cat would disappear too as she is an introvert.

Be honest, would your cat behave as well as this?

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